Should you take the vaccine?

At RDA we believe in freedom of choice. This video is not trying to convince you not to take the vaccine…hear me out.

Before you, or someone you know, have the vaccine…ask these questions first.

If you want it… want it for the right reasons.
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  1. This is NOT a vaccine but an injection which causes the change of our God given DNA. The fact that the ingredients contain aborted fetal tissues, graphine oxide, nano particles which has been proved by many scientists around the world I believe this is a bio weapon to cull the population for the elites agenda 21/2030 New World Order.

  2. It is quite a coincident because I have be thinking about this issue today. I, like everybody else, is probably feeling the pressure put upon us to get the vaccination. I considered why would I get the injections it would not be for my health but to perhaps relax the restrictions or submit to the powers that be to live peacefully. I don’t like being forced to do things against my will. Now there are times where there are legitimate reasons to obey or comply but in the case of the Covid vaccination there is none. Maybe my pride is in the way but as Monica said every time we give in we lose something and in this case freedom. I believe I am not at risk from the virus and I am responsible for my own health not the health of others. If I had a cold or flu I would probably try to prevent spreading it but I am not to be everyone’s nurse maid.
    Thanks Monica for what you said.

  3. Thank you very much,have said NO to the jab at work and watching this helps me know that sticking to my intuition is right thing to do

  4. Great to see you back, well said, totally agree with your words of wisdom,
    Great video also has been put out By pandemic podcast
    By Dan Aston-Gregory and dr mattias Desmet
    “Why do people take the vaccine”
    And It explains in detail the journey to totalitarianism
    Please check it out