Monica’s Mum speaks at the protest

Thanks to Melbourne Ground for filming this. Their YouTube channel is here

This is Monica writing.

I just want to express my gratitude to everyone who was there and respected my Mum’s wishes for a 1-minute silence/prayer.

With a group that large, it is a remarkable thing to see that level of respect. I am truly blessed to have such amazing parents and we are all blessed to be in this fight TOGETHER.

Our collective pain has brought us TOGETHER…and that is magical and inspiring!

Out of every adversity comes opportunity! Us uniting is the opportunity for us to make Australia a better place than it’s EVER BEEN.

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  1. It seems the globalist want the Australian land. It is rich in the minerals they need. With aboriginals gone from their Sovereign land it will probably be taken over by the corporate companies that own every department in both Federal gov & State govs. Beware.

  2. Oh Monica, so beautiful, you are so blessed to have such a Mum and there’s your Dad behind her cheering her on and praying at the same time, how simply divine, God Bless you all <3

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