Update to RDA Family from Monica’s Parents

Watch a video from Monica’s parents John & Lise

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. I’m in tears listening to Monica’s Mum and Dad. We will stand with her and them. Hi dunderhead, I emailed SkyNews this morning, in the hope that Peta Credlin picks this case up. I also contacted Jamie Glazov in the hope that he can help.
    Hold the line….and I Won’t Be Going Quietly says it all.

  2. You have to wonder why are they so threatened by Monica ! Stay strong John and Lise . You raised a very strong daughter . She can handle this 🥰

  3. “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for Yah your Elohim is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9) As true today as it was then.

  4. I am horrified at what this country is becoming monica is truly a political prisoner I will donate money now I urge all people to consider the implications of what this means to our childrens future

  5. Thank you Monica! I prayed for an angel to speak up for us last year in lockdown to be released and God sent you! I continue to keep you and your team in prayers. Thank you John and Lise! Stay strong!

  6. Monica you will go down in history as one of the courageous and brave. Stay strong and when your free may we all be able to gather with you and give you a cheer…freely!

  7. Thank you from my family to your wonderful and brave family especially Monica who is a very brave person and we are all very grateful for her sacrifice to fight for our freedom I was just saying to my own daughter tonight after crying most of last night when I heard the news that a strange kind of peace came over me that she was going to be released early as they can’t afford for the curtain to be pulled back as their deception and corruption will be revealed, I hope it was not just hopeful thoughts but rather a premonition and look forward to hearing the news soon STAY STRONG

  8. Monica was mentioned on the UKcolumn.org broadcast for Sept 1st, they want to get more details and talk to someone about this plight. 🌞 John and Lise, you have raised an amazing, courageous daughter. 💖

  9. John and Lise you have raised the most courageous girl I have ever known and I can see where she gets her courage. You are the most bravest and caring family. Wish there were many many more like you. We all need to stay strong and pray for the light 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. I literally cannot believe what is happening in Australia. This tyranny over a stronger flu is destroying peoples lives. Mandates for wearing masks, how far I can travel, even how long I can exercise outdoors this would have been absurd if you even suggested this pre 2020.

    I stand with Monica and her family who love their pre 2020 Australia a community of wonderful citizens happy, honest and hard working. Who loved doing the simple things catching up with friends and family enjoy a barbecue and a beer.

    These simple things are now gone, we are alive existing but not living. We all want to live, enjoy and have agency over what medication gets administered to our bodies.

    I am never EVER going to vote for one of the majors Labor or Liberal party ever again.

    I can’t say how much respect and appreciation I have for how Monica has stood up to the people in power.

    This is their greatest fear and the desire to censor and not have people communicate. If we all get it into our heads that we can say no and we all rise in unison. This ends.

  11. It might sound easy to say from my comfortable lounge room, but Monica is safe even though she is a prisoner. The longer she stays detained, the more power she has. This move could bust this government apart. What an incredible human being. Hats off to you Monica and all the team. First political group I have ever donated to.

  12. So angry to hear you have been locked up for standing up for your rights. You do not know me or my friends but we are with you all the way. Stay strong Monica, we will win to retain our freedoms! We pray for you to stay strong.

  13. If you want to let Monica know how you feel, if you want to support her, you can.
    While we cannot send emails that she could receive, we can send cards and letters.
    This is the address (from the video clip by her mum and dad):

    c/o Monica Smit
    Corrections Victoria
    GPO 123
    VIC 3001

    Don’t put anything in the letters and cards, only your words.

    We should be able to locate in Hansard the (unconstitutional?) conditions she is required to comply with in order to be released before her trial in November. It was presented to the Victorian Parliament – if I understood it right from the video – today.
    I will post this same information on its own also as an update and in the relevant groups on this platform.

  14. Dearest Monica, you are a true Aussie heroine! Your Mum and Dad must be so proud of you, just as all Aussies should be! Stay strong, I am praying for you! Thank you so much for standing up for freedom!

  15. i signed up as support. I am on a pension but consider it is worth while supporting someone with the courage to stand up and be counted. It is people like Monica that lead the way to freedom. He parents must be busting with pride at the integrity and ethics and courage of their daughter. It is a testament to their upbringing.

  16. Monica, John and Lee, very inspired by watching your video I joined for the yearly subscription plan, I just have to say “what a beautiful family you are” no wonder your daughter is so strong, with you both for parents she must make you both so proud and thank you for giving Australia such a brave beautiful young woman! I am not very tech savvy but want to share a prayer sent to me, that has truly changed my life! I will forward via email but for now a small quote that is as powerful a message as any “if the only prayer you say in your whole life is Thank you” it is enough! Lastly I reccommed a documentary on Netflix’s if you can watch it! It’s called “fantastic funji” I think there is much to learn from this humble intelligent life form that has relevance to what symbiotic relationships and medicine are out there and (we don’t realise their everywhere literally under our feet) just how significant they are to all our current situation Please take care of yourselves and make time to watch it, we are all so connected and it is astounding information that needs to be shared so please take an hour and 20 minutes for yourselves because you both deserve time for yourselves and I’m sure it adds to the relevance of just how the importance of what Monica and everyone as to just how united we all are!! the email I will try to forward is tilted “seven years of suffering to seven days suffering,” if I fail to send via this link I will sent it to the RDA with thank you god for everything! Thank you both god bless you and your family! I will write to Monica and add the content of the email as my way of showing my gratitude and thanks for her suffering, may it only last seven days! Great work, all of you, please thank Monica and give each other a hug. Warm regards Rene’

  17. Thoughts and prayers are with you Monica and your beautiful parents also every warrior at RDA , keep up the good fight you are all heros no matter the outcome..we will push back against evil in this world until our last breath.

  18. Sometimes I am the only one against this scandemic, feel totally alone.
    Monica, Thank you for standing up not only for Australia but for the entire humanity!
    From Scotland