Monica’s Speech – Prayer and Pushback

You can see the whole conference here –

See the video I referred to about mass formation here –

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  1. Just Watched Monika’s prayer and push back. Very inspiring. The inner strength of the Aussie woman is something to behold. Many Males could shoulder the burden but refuse. All power to you. Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn

  2. Much love to you Monica, you are an inspirational person when many are needing inspiration & hope.
    Light, love, unity & compassion are the opposites of the darkness, hate, division & hurtfulness, that cruel heartless governments are inflicting on the people that they should be helping. As the world wakes up and more people stand up to speak the truth, the lies upon lies become exposed and pressure mounts on the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity. There is HOPE, we will prevail. Keep fighting, never give up.

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