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New jobs network has announced a plan to not discriminate on vaccination status –

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Further addressing Daniel Andrews’ outlandish demands.

Interview with Jonathan Andrews regarding Brett Sutton Supreme Court hearing

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. Bravo to the men and women who are taking a stand against this one world government tyranny. Everyone should read the “Protocols of Zion” to get a better picture of what is going on. My question to all men and women, Have you given up the status of “human being”?, if you haven’t then this places you one level under God or whoever or whatever it was that put us here on earth in the first place. Human beings are one level above governments and two levels above persons or entities or individuals or corporations. This places human beings (man both gender) in a unique position to be able to place any other human being on earth under citizens arrest when they see other men and or women causing harm to a third party man and woman. Go through any law you like and see if you can find words like “human being, man or homo sapiens written into the legislation or the definitions within the act. I have not been able to find these words so the laws must apply only to persons, individuals, entities corporations Etc. These “things” don’t eat food, sleep or die of old age, so they are fictions. I am just an old bloke that never went to high school, so you do your own research on this. cadman08