Morrison must act to end COVID jab coercion!

Under the Australian Constitution, section 109, federal legislation will overrule state legislation when there is an inconsistency with the law.

This means Prime Minister Scott Morrison can introduce and pass my Private Senators Bill, the Vaccination Status (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill 2021, and protect the Australian people from mandatory vaccination legislation forced on them by the states.

I’m calling on Scott Morrison to live up to his word and stop State Premiers from coercing and bullying the Australian people with mandatory vaccine laws and regulations.

From the Courier-Mail, “One Nation’s Pauline Hanson is threatening to deliver ‘mayhem’ to the Morrison Government’s agenda in the final weeks of the year, revealing they will vote against all its legislation unless it takes action to oppose vaccine mandates.”

“The move will make it extremely difficult for the government to pass any legislation before the end of the year, when it will be looking to secure a win as it heads into campaign mode.”

“Promising to ’cause so much mayhem’ in parliament for Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Senator Hanson will on Friday declare the bold power play.”

“In direct reaction to the Queensland Government announcing restrictions on unvaccinated people from December 17, Senator Hanson is demanding the Morrison Government take action to ban any rules she says discriminate against unvaccinated people.”Shame on all parties, Liberal, National, Labor, Green and crossbench, who continue to bully, threaten and coerce Australians into a medical procedure they have decided against.

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  1. On you Pauline. Scott Morrison is a useless, spineless, lying, scumbag. He won’t do anything of benefit to anyone but himself unless forced. As our PM he is an embarrassment and a waste of space.

      1. I sent mr morrison a detailed email about 6 weeks after he ‘became’ Prim Minister, stating with evidence, why I considered him a FAKE and a FRAUD, with a challenge to PROVE ME WRONG.
        He hasn’t.

  2. Oh after a year of being nearly totally silent about the vax poison genocide Pauline finally decides to get on board…She has realised there’s votes in it now when before she was just sitting on the fence…where Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer have been screaming about this for a year

  3. So many people have lost their jobs or have taken the jab to hold on to their jobs already – a pregnant nurse I know of who knows it is all bs and was strongly opposed to the jab has succumbed because she won’t be able to keep her job or possibly give birth in the hospital. I don’t know how politics works but it seems to me that making the decision to not vote on certain issues could have been made a long time ago in order to stop things getting to this point. How many people will die down the track from complications? It’s all a little too late.

  4. As a long term conservative voter, with SOME liberal views, I have been so disappointed with the performance of the coalition EVERYWHERE! I have continued to support the Nationals in my federal and state electorates, because our current reps are GOOD PEOPLE individually, but can no longer do so as long as they are flies on the rotting carcass of the quisling liberals. Added to that, has been the hack-kneed call ‘we’re not perfect, but we are a whole lot better than the other mob.’, which IS true, but no longer ANY basis for continually re-electing governments that reward our loyalty by trying their hardest TO BECOME ‘the other mob’ in both pitiful performance AND POLICY!!!
    We have been rewarding THEM for abject FAILURE!!! That insanity has to stop. Time to vote these oxygen thieves out, but make sure alternative voices that much more closely represent us, have at least a ‘balance of power’ function in all new parliaments. The day of the current ‘major parties’ is rapidly drawing to a relieving close, and we must do all in our power to speed up their decline and extinction.

  5. Good, I’m only half vaxed and I do not want to be bullied to do that again! My body is my property, I just want to be allowed back to work and be allowed to walk into a shop to buy fluids for my car, could use a haircut to.

  6. I have just written to all three, (Rennick, Antic and Hanson), thanking them profusely for their stance. I feel that we are finally starting to get somewhere. I hear the criticisms that politicians are jumping on the band-wagon chasing votes, but personally I welcome all the support we can get whatever the motive.

    Mind you, if a politician thinks that there might be a lot of votes in a certain position then that means that it’s a position that a lot of people hold. Nothing wrong with them supporting that. If fact they should support it – it’s the basis of democracy.

    Now … if we could just do something about this absurdly biased main-stream media. 🙂

  7. good for you Pauline you and the other senators that support you, well done all. glad to see the huge turn out in Melbourne on Saturday, comrade dan must be feeling the ice cracking under his Nazi jack boots