Morrison government in shambles – MP crosses the floor today

The Morrison Government is in trouble. Every day, the number of MPs that are going against Scott Morrison is growing.

It’s important we encourage and support their bravery. It’s important to campaign against things, but it’s also important to campaign for positive things as well.

Although she didn’t cross the floor on a COVID-related bill, it still took a lot of courage to stand up to our party and cross the floor. I respect her bravery.

Let’s send Bridget comments of encouragement and appreciation.

Bridget Archer




PHONE – (03) 6334 7033

READ FULL ARTICLEScott Morrison slams NSW ICAC after Bridget Archer crosses floor

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  1. We absolutely commend her standing up and thank her so much for such courage.
    In regard to the covid crimes I would ask that she and every politician and every one else go to :- Wherein they would surely join with us all demanding all covid actions and mandates be killed forevermore.