MP Ellen Sandell support Andrews Permanent Pandemic Legislation – Take Action NOW

Concerned citizen “Hang on, I thought the vaccination was going to stop the spread of the disease? And now you are saying the government needs sweeping power to control the disease… which is it?”

Ellen’s auto-email response

Let Ellen know your thoughts about this PERMANENT LEGISLATION – Don’t email use Social Media as you only recieve an automated response via email

Office of Ellen Sandell
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North Melbourne VIC 3051

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  1. Who the hell is Ellen Sandell? Never heard of her! Has she taken her head out of Andrew’s ass for her two minutes of fame? Pfff. She will go down when the ship sinks.

  2. No one said it would “stop” the spread but slow it down, alongside social distancing and mask wearing. Now that there are other vairents and we know the vaccine loses it’s effectiveness after so much time has passed (like the flu and tetanus shots), and thanks to bonkers lunatics like those who write this blog, we all have to deal with extra measures. Ya’ll just can’t half ass your stupidty, can you?

        1. The best losers sights are on Facebook.. Go hang out there and enjoy your Saturday night in the bungalow at Mums with your kleenex tissues and old porn mags you middle aged, balding, Y front undies wearing tosser..

    1. Delta variant has a reproduction factor of 6-8 and the vaccine escape ratio is 90%. Reduction of at best 10%. So a reproduction factor of 5-7?? Do you really think that will be noticeable? But let me guess that is just misinformation (based on public data from Israel and the UK with vaccination rates 80% and up for all ages above 20). You are entitled to any position you want to believe, but respect that entitlement for everybody!

  3. this is a classic example of gaslighting, telling people that if they are against enforced medial trials then they must somehow hate or be against the health and wellbeing of others. The fact of the matter is that many questions remain unanswered, like as a healthy person should I risk developing a stroke because of the health of others.? I take care of my health. I drink more water then beer, I stay away from those nasty drugs going around, i have a string immune system, why should I risk developing a stroke because others are unable, or unwilling to take care of their own health? Now I might understand if this vaccine stopped community transmission, but the fact of the matter is that it does not. Now if I going to be expected to put my self at risk of a stroke by for the rest of my life with these enforced vaccines then I am very concerned. What happened to my body my choice? you don’t see me trying to force something into your body that you don’t want so what do the same to me? Obviously, I will resist, and if you continue to persist control over my very own body then I see you as nothing but a monster!

  4. Who is Ellen Sandell? The future “GruppenFuhrer” for the quarantine camps? Oeps… that cannot be said? But stigmatising every dissenting voice as “anti-vaxxer” can? Strange world.

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