VIC MP Stands for Freedom and goes Against Andrews

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. Neil Angus, thank you so much for speaking up for those of us who oppose the draconian rules (not legal laws) that have been imposed on us by this tyrannical government. For God’s sake Australians PLEASE WAKE UP TO THE TREACHERY OF THIS LABOUR MOB. Thank you Thank you Mr Angus

  2. Thank you Neil Angus. Our thoughts and research agree totally with everything you’ve said. It is great to see a politician standing up for Democracy and a society that encourages unity.

  3. Thank you Neil Angus MP for your very accurate speech as to what is happening in Victoria.Daniel Andrews has to be removed if victorians are to have their freedoms back. There are so many adverse terrible reactions to the COVID vaccination that to me this is about chilling the human race, nobody has the right to play God. This atrocity to our world has been planned for a very long time We as Australians want our true democracy back and not live in a totalitarian state .

    1. Hi Di, not sure if everyone we see this but isn’t it the Governor General’s job to keep our premiers and prime ministers in line. They also have the power to sack them. I don’t know why this hasn’t happened yet, unless the Governor General is corrupt as well. I is abundantly clear that andrews (and spell that with a lower case) and his cohorts are corrupt, power hungry dictator that has no idea how to run a state. If we get through this they need to be made accountable for harm and murders that they have caused.

      1. The Governor-General can sack the PM but he’s just been a useless slithering politician helplessly overseeing the Premiers gut Australian democracy and the federation itself. He could sack Morrison for that I suppose but the alternative would be worse. So that’s not a practical option. The GG can’t sack a State Premier – only the State Governors can do that. The GG is the head of the Defence Force and so presumably has the power to order the Defence Forces in to seize control of a State, obviously Victoria being the most anti-democratic would be the priority. But even assuming the Defence Force could defeat the heavily armed Vicpol, (our force is pretty emasculated after decades of underfunding, and woke PC BS), I get the impression that the Defence leadership is in on the whole treacherous globalist scam and so would tell any GG who might want to do the right thing, to bugger off. Our only hope in a position of authority is the High Court. We need the High Court to overturn the despicable decision of the NSW Supreme Court the other day. I assume an appeal is in the works.

  4. Wow…Finally a MP who represents the people and not this tyrannical agenda. Thank you, thank you Neil Angus. You are a brave and intelligent man. I felt a real sense that Victorians and all Australians may someday be free again.

  5. I like almost all people in this State are completely opposed to Andrews and his cronies mandates and I thank these courageous politicians for there stand, but there is a greater need at stake here. If these Liberal politicians have been Vaxxed’then they need to stand on the 15 December in the chamber and vote this dictator down. Then by all means go back to attacking him head on. Victoria can’t afford for this maniac to get any more power

  6. Thank you so very much Neil. Courageous human being. You made my day! Someone who understands there is more to the issue than just the jab. Namely the loss of our democracy, our lives.

  7. Thank you Graham e Monica
    I live in my car ‘chariot’
    Sold up in 2020 to stand up to all forms of bullying from the ground up to this level tyranny.
    I’m stuck on the border of NSW e QLD
    Love you both e resonate with graham’s words e heart

  8. Dan Andrews – You are legally accountable for the mandated injections of the human tested Bio weapon.
    you won’t be hiding behind the WHO recommendation when a 10 year old can research enough credible information to evaluate a lie. Where is our conversation about treatment protocols and HOW MUCH ARE THEY PAYING YOU?

  9. Thank you so much for saying exactly what I know. Also for mentioning these fabulous doctors who I have been supporting and following!
    It’s so sad that this information is not shared by msm. Thank you for opposing this motion and speaking up for human rights. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I know there are a few parliamentarians speaking out and I pray truth prevails! If I can I will Howard this to FLCCC Alliance

  10. My Dear Bothers And Sisters, Lets Believed Together More People Like Neil Angus Are Coming Forward To Serve The People. Let The Truth Come To Light of This Plandemic…..