Tim Quilty Speaks out in Vic Parliament

Direct Quote from Tim Quilty from Victorian Parliament

“My adjournment matter is for the minister for police over the previous few weeks. Vic Paul officers have used horses. This overrun demonstrators and OC foam to blind and subdue them. Officers armed themselves with rifles and donned body armour. They fired on protesters with less-lethal rounds and physically assaulted pro-freedom demonstrators. In each case, police came to arrest demonstrators and to subdue political opposition. Police surrounded the demonstrators and violently attacked people who tried to escape. This tactic is used because it makes it appear as though demonstrators are initiating violence, despite police being the cause of the violence at these protests.

The more distressing sites with the children choking and crying because officers had fired pepper spray at them. I know this is how the events unfolded because there are live recordings of these protests. They’re not mere snippets that have been selected for a specific narrative. There are extensive records of how events unfold. These attacks are deliberate and condoned by the government.

The premier has egged the police on calling on them to attack the crowds to use whatever method necessary. Members of your government have tried to smear protesters and blame them for lockdowns ordered by your government. Despite a clear message of demanding freedom from lockdowns, members of the government wanted to pretend the protesters were racists, as though the message was unclear.

A few weeks ago, the premier said at a press conference that he had no idea what protesters wanted or why they were protesting. From everything I’ve seen, the message is very clear. Thousands of people gathered in the CBD and shouted messages of freedom. They called for an end to lockdowns and an end to this government.

Australia is a free country, Victoria is a free state, and if this government wants to take that freedom away from people, it’ll have a serious fight on its hands. We have seen protests with the causes were supported by the government, where the police have facilitated a peaceful, safe protest.

The Liberal Democrats support peaceful protest, civil disobedience and resistance to tyranny. We oppose these lockdowns. Minister, the action I am calling for is an unequivocal commitment that police will no longer be used to attack crowds of Victorians exercising their rights.

Stop using potentially lethal weapons on protesters. Instead, the police should ensure the protests are safe and peaceful as possible. If the police continue to escalate the violence, there will be blood and that blood will be on your hands.”

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  1. None of this is new, except that people are now able to take videos of Victoria Police officers’ actions and share these videos.

    Prior to the birth of IBAC in 2011, but especially prior to section 194 of the IBAC Act becoming an impenetrable shield for Victoria Police providing them with an information blackout about their actions that would make North Korea blush, Raymond Hoser was able to research and publish several books on Victoria Police’s corruption amongst others.

    Since I became an adversary to Victoria Police in my 50s as a female Australian citizen professional with no criminal involvement or background whatsoever by virtue of having tried to report serious crimes I witnessed as a public servant Business Analyst at The Victorian Electoral Commission 2009-2012, I have learned that the public needs to be protected from Victoria Police. Victoria Police are an insurmountable obstacle to justice, a threat to public safety, a dangerous liability to taxpayers and a major asset to organised crime especially.

    While I never protested since I left my country of origin expecting to have left communism behind, my own personal experience with Victoria Police’s conduct since 2009 is consistent with what Raymond Hoser documented at an enormous personal sacrifice in 1999.

    Please see the chapter at the below link about how protesters have been treated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia for decades and decades – protesters who dare to question government action.

    Because of my own personal experience I have scanned into pdf the below book, all 700+ pages of it, and I am sharing it with the author’s permission. Please find the second link below pointing to the whole book. I shared each chapter separately with a few pages upfront to give context and to translate Victoria Police’s parlance. If a Victoria Police officer chooses to exercise their risk-free privileges, you will find out what a “hamburger” is.


    “Victoria Police Corruption” (736 pp.), Raymond Hoser, Kotabi, 1999. ISBN 0-9586769-6-8.


  2. If you have watched many protests, when there is any violence,
    it is usually started by the police. There is no need for the heavy-
    handed arrests, some of them are sickening. Let us stay strong
    like Monica.
    Yesterday I watching the protest and the police were setting up
    and then an armoured police vehicle arrived. This morning when
    I tuned in to see if the protest was on again, I saw an armoured
    vehicle arrive with 5 or more police hanging on to the sides of
    the vehicle. That is what illegal is – did anyone get this on camera?

  3. More show talk from gov ministers and politicians, more bullshit. Where is the reply?? nothing. How do you know a politician is lieing, his lips are moving.

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