We need your help to expose the MSN lies!!!

This has gone on for far too long…lies like this should be illegal.

We need some serious brainstorming here

How do we hold the mainstream media accountable for their lies???

Do we camp outside their buildings with signs?
Do we find their live update spots and interrupt them live on tv?
Do we do it through the court system?

This poor man is being used to peddle lies and they’ll never be forced to admit it until we find a way!

We need suggestions!

If you have a good idea please email us HERE

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. That didn’t really look like he punched the horse, more like he was trying to herd the horse away, maybe he was worried about a horse virus? Why bring a horse to a protest anyway?

  2. I guess its the coverage they get out via being able to be on general tv, and anyone spreading the truth is only reaching 10% audience (people) compared wise, ill put on the thinking cap on for a week, uncovering msn to the people is like removing the head of the beast lol. A certain amount of the people listening to a new source of real news daily instead of the propaganda fear generating machine(msn/mainstream media news,fake narrative). Maybe a radio station? workers listen to radio stations, overcoming msn is what? replacing them right, thru uncovering the lies and twisty shit the co-rats create to fool the people listening to their lies, ill do a week of work and drift on it and storm some ideas. 

  3. I have noticed alot of well known celebrities , athletes and scientists and drs all refusing the jab and some unable to compete or lossing there job. We need there faces and opinions to get through to the massess and share there views and support the people. Just a thought.