Musk Reveals free speech owned by advertising giants

The following article from the Spectator Australia

The Twitter elite, who spend most of their time preaching about socialism and ‘equality’, have debased themselves to the level of a toddler – throwing an almighty tantrum at the prospect of ‘peasants’ being allowed to purchase verification and speak freely.

How dare ordinary people partake in the public conversation.

How fascist of Elon Musk to remove excessive political censorship.

Allowing conservatives to speak is the end of democracy!!!

Like all champagne socialists; politicians, journalists, actors, and activists only believe in ‘equality’ if they are publicly acknowledged as ‘special’. Their blue-tick on Twitter is proof that they belong to the virtuous club of ‘approved people’ who ‘think correctly’. Conservatives buying their way into what was once ideologically protected privilege has infuriated them.

What are they going to do with their time if Musk solves inequality with capitalism? If they are this upset over their Twitter privilege, imagine how abusive they become in private when a politician they don’t like wins power…

Mind you, they still haven’t left Twitter. A celebrity without Twitter is like a bear looking for the loo in the woods. Do they exist? It’ll be interesting to see how many quietly pass over the $8 required to keep their special status intact.

For your entertainment, here are some unhinged reactions from ‘famous’ people who should probably log off.

We all expected ego-manics to react badly to a free market economy, but there has been a far scarier revelation.

Advertisers are the gods in charge of civilisation. It is their money that motivates social media platforms to destroy market competition for non-Woke companies, vanish criticism for products that appear on their sites, artificially promote their customers’ fringe activist causes (to sell things), and edit the public conversation to make a ‘safe’ environment for billionaire corporations to sell their products.

When these advertisers say they want Musk to make a ‘safe’ environment through censorship of so-called ‘disinformation’, what they actually mean is a ‘safe’ environment where no one can question the quality or morality of their company.

Social media has not been a ‘public forum’ or even a political tool for many years – it has become a shop front run by very worst companies with security guards on the door. If someone inside says something like, ‘Hey, these solar panels are made with child slave labour!’ they are thrown out for ‘misleading claims’.

Advertising used to be subservient to customers. Companies would look for an audience and pitch those potential customers the product. It was passive, and yes … occasionally misleading. Imagine the irony of advertising companies complaining about mis-disinformation? If we started fact-checking ads, there’d be none left!

Obviously, the products they were trying to flog for their customers were getting worse, because instead of clever marketing campaigns – which involves talent and hard work – advertising giants have decided to take control of the public conversation and guilt people into buying things.

‘Unless you want to literally kill your grandparents, use Covid vaccines!’ (Which the government purchases with billions of dollars in public money.)

‘Unless you want to literally destroy the planet, buy all these Net Zero, Carbon-friendly things!’

‘Unless you want to be a literal racist, buy all these things from these anti-white companies.’

And on and on it goes.

In order to pull off this ridiculous marketing campaign, advertisers needed a partner in crime – social media platforms. These Silicon Valley recipients of advertising dollars stepped up to silence anyone who said things like, ‘Hang on a minute… Your vaccine might be killing people, Renewables destroy the environment, and those ‘be less white’ companies are racist…’

Social media’s censorship is not only anti-competitive behaviour, it’s also a conflict of interest. Their profit relies on protecting the customers of the advertising companies.

Once this environment of dependency was established, advertisers realised they held extraordinary power over social media. The potential loss of this power, via the re-introduction of free speech, is what truly terrifies them.

The danger of allowing advertisers to run the market reached its peak (at least, we hope it did!) when Big Pharma turned nearly every citizen on the planet into an unwilling customer, with the bill paid by governments. 100s of billions of dollars went to vaccine and PPE producers while social media ran interference, digitally deleting customers who died or were injured by a product they directly profited from via advertising revenue.

Big Pharma spent $6.58 billion in ad revenue across the board in 2020. This rose to $9.5 billion in 2021. This does not include the advertising spend by governments. The Australian federal government alone spent hundreds of millions promoting vaccines and PPE – much of it straight into the pockets of social media companies.

The advertising gods are doing their best to protect their cartel, with advocacy group Accountable Tech organising a witch hunt against Elon Musk. So far, their fear-mongering has caused Pfizer, Audi, General Mills, and a stack of painful virtue signallers to leave Twitter, taking their advertising money with them.

Their open letter read:

This is a common tactic in today’s world. Petty groups like MadF*ckingWitches and StopHate [sic] have been attempting to get independent news companies and commentators demonetised and banned. They brand opposing political ideas as ‘intolerable hate’ and then try their luck at convincing Woke-sensitive companies to pull their money in case their customers are ‘offended’ by their ads appearing on conservative networks.

It’s basically what social media would look like if we put Mao, Hitler, and Stalin in charge of community standards.

While Twitter has suffered a sudden drop in revenue due to these defamatory campaigns, Twitter was losing millions of dollars every day to start with. Musk has been busy sacking more than half the workforce, getting rid of an entire class of ‘workers’ who showed up for a couple of hours ‘when they felt like it’ and were more concerned with their mental wellbeing than doing their jobs.

By commercialising Twitter, Musk is freeing the social media platform from the grip of advertising giants, allowing it to grow past this rut it has been stuck in, weighed down by left-wing censorship. This is the only way a public forum of speech can survive. If advertising companies want to sell their wares, fine, but they must never again be allowed to control the market place of ideas.

Musk is the only CEO strong enough to win against the childish demands of the elite. He’s opened the Twitter cage but there are plenty of dangerous, nasty rich people trying to slam it shut.

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