URGENT – Any material with voting education on it must be authorised

We regret to inform you that the AEC has contacted RDA to inform them that ALL material must be authorised. We thought because we aren’t a party, or promoting a specific party or candidate…that we didn’t have to do this.

What to do now?

  1. If you have received a bumper car sticker already, be assured we will be sending you another letter with an authorisation sticker in it. Please put that sticker on top of the bumper car sticker. We will communicate directly to those who we’ve already sent them to. We will show you a picture of where to place the authorisation sticker.
  2. If you haven’t received the bumper car sticker yet, all new orders will have the authorisation sticker already on it. Please make sure you leave that on.
  3. If you have any flyers that don’t have the correct authorisation on them, please discard them into the rubbish immediately. Sorry for this inconvenience but this is a serious matter.

The correct authorisation is ‘Authorised by Monica Smit. Level 8/220 Collins St Melbourne 3000‘.

Note from AEC

“The communication of electoral matter is required to be authorised by notifying the required particulars under s 321D of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. Some material that was previously available on this website to download and which was distributed in hard copy by Reignite Democracy Australia Pty Ltd was not properly authorised in accordance with the requirements of the Act. If you downloaded, printed or otherwise obtained copies of material that was not authorised you must not further communicate, distribute or publish that material by any means.”

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