My positive spin on the UAP situation

I realise the UAP situation is shocking. Please know that it is true..but it’s not the end of the world 🙂 

If you’ve been supporting UAP candidates and their HTV card looks good, don’t worry about the negative news. UAP is still better than the major parties!

If their HTV card preferences Liberals third or above other Freedom-focused parties, then you could consider supporting the other good candidates. However, it’s completely up to you!

With the amazing resource of we have all the power and knowledge we need to create fantastic HTV cards for our own electorate, friends, and family. 

This is not a reason to give up, or slow down 🙂 it’s important we all know what the facts are, but we don’t have to get down because of them. 

We need to hold our heads up and keep supporting candidates who deserve it. There are TONS of great UAP candidates, don’t let them down just because HQ has made some bad decisions.

Here’s a video I just put out

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  1. Did you even speak to any of the party members Monica? Because I have and what they make perfect sense and contradicts what you’re saying and you need to make a public amendment.when asked, this was the response:

    I asked our UAP candidate this morning regarding some of the candidates putting LNP up on their preferences (ours didnt), below is what he said, and now I know why ————–No not in general – each candidate has put in their own preferences to the party. In some seats candidates have a bunch of Independents that are teal independents in those seats. In those seats the LNP will be higher on the ticket to ensure a teal independent doesn’t win the seat. I don’t pay attention to every candidates card, but be assured every candidate chooses what is on their card as the party trust them to know and have a gauge on what candidates are best. Some parties (this goes for minors and majors) have what are called ghost candidates, ie. they don’t actually live in the electorate. I know some of our candidates take a very dim view of that and don’t think that’s right so in those cases they have put that candidate lower down the card.

  2. Where can I put my signature to get this petition started?
    Everyone take a photo of your ballot paper and fill in a stat dec stating that this your ballot paper plus photo.