New ABS Data

Video by Prof Robyn Cosford
MBBS(Hons), Dip Nutr, Dip Hom, FACNEM FASLM
Professor of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

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  1. Thank you Pofessor Cosford for the courage to step away from your position to speak out. It is so unethical and really irks me the way AHPRA has gagged health professionals. They like the pollies should be shafted from their positions immediately. I look forward to further common sense discussions from the Professor.

  2. Well, well. The good professor has provided the hard evidence to confirm my hearty suspicions from the beginning of this tragic farce: the ‘evidence’ promulgated by our betters was as substantial as a wet tissue paper. Thank you so very much, Professor Cosford.

  3. Thank you for speaking out. Only ‘Newspeak’ is allowed now. People who attended Klaus Schwabs ‘school for young global leaders’ a WEF program to put people in places of influence to bring in the ‘great reset’ aka NWO aka agenda 21/2030 are now running countries and corporations. This list includes Morrison, Hunt, Ardern, Putin, Truseau, Macron and others. heir aim to bring down economies, destroy samm and medium businesses so that by 2030 ‘you will ow nothing’. The billionaire elites will control everything.

  4. Oh wow. you have made my day today Prof Robyn! Thankyou.
    Question Please: Some would argue that the sats. are so low because indeed of all the restrictions / masks / requirements etc. and the proponents of all of these things will see these actions as justified. How can we look at, and understand, those statistics without this circular argument. Many thanks Andrew

    1. That’s a great question Andrew and I reckon it highlights the brilliance, (in an evil way), of the mandatory vaccination program.

      You MUST have jabs for this disease … nearly everyone survives … SEE how well those jabs work?

      Even better for them if the jabs start stuffing up people’s immune systems and the jabbed keep getting sick. OBVIOUSLY you need MORE jabs then!


      Too bad for them us “zero jab” people seem to be surviving ok. Messes up their argument a bit. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for this information Professor. Very clear and unambiguous. Would like to watch a similar one that includes all the injuries and deaths due to the so-called vaccine since the roll-out in Australia. Some people are in denial and reject any information regarding deaths or injuries as a result of the “vaccines”. VAERS in the US actually has data regarding the injuries and deaths. Is there such an official government database here in Australia? That can be trusted?