New Nurse community…join today

Remember Lynda Lange, the nurse who we interviewed last week? See video here –

She was overwhelmed with friend requests, so has now started a new community.

Her passion is STILL to protect the health of her fellow citizens…even if she is deregistered. Her purpose in life has not changed.

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  1. Hi, I just watched the YouTube interview you did with Lynda Lange, I wanted to thank you for it, and thank Linda for speaking out.. I too am a Registered nurse of 35years and I understood everything that she said. I don’t work front line so haven’t witnessed any adverse reactions as such first hand, but I’ve done my research and know what’s happening is wrong. There’s a culture of just not even speaking about the situation with work colleagues, it’s like a silent game trying to sus out who you can share your concerns with. I only know one other nurse that shares my concerns. I’m resentful that I can’t speak about it openly, I have students that are being encouraged to get the jab, I tell them to do their own research and direct them to articles and tell them it’s experimental. It’s hard to explain the culture but some healthcare professionals that have been trained in the medical model really believe that the vaccines (if you can call them that), are for the greater good. I’m not ready to be deregistered, I love my job teaching. But if things get worse I suppose that I’m going to have to, in order to speak out. I’m passed being stunned by the absurdity of it all, I’m just really angry most of the time now. Not too good for one’s health so trying to create some distance as best I can. Anyway, thanks for listening. Just wanted to support Linda.. she’s most certainly not alone.