‘No Jab, No Job’ policies and what you can do about them LIVE 330pm today

Thanks to George Christensen!


LIVE at 3.30pm George will be live-streaming with a legal expert and an industrial relations expert on ‘No Jab, No Job’ policies and what you can do about them. If you can’t join in at that time you can watch the recording afterwards. 

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  1. I’ve had people who work at the local pub, owned by Woolworths, who are casuals. They’ve been told to get vaccinated. Being casuals, the intimation is that their hors would be cut to absolute minimum. Still coercion, but not easily proved.

      1. I agree, large enterprise have become the major tool of the regime. Destroy them, destroy the plan, shop anywhere else you possibly can.
        Totalitarian communism takes over the means of production, distribution and controls consumption. The supermarkets are their supply chain, who have been taking over the means of production and distribution for years, preparing for this. Now comes the social credits scheme, a digital pass which will control your consumption, on the basis of chemical poisoning status, (intended to reduce average life span and eliminate un-productive social aspects (people who don’t contribute)). That will turn, quickly, into credits and debits for speech and they will use a personal carbon credits scheme to starve you for not complying. The CCP is here in Australia, we’re just calling it something else, like the WEF/UN/Bilderberg Group/Club of Rome (but it’s not government).

  2. The meme for this family; (Also from “The Spectator”)
    C = Community, Consciousness, Creativity, Courage and Collaboration
    O = Openness, One-ness and a circle of reciprocity, Generosity and kindness
    V = Validation and Victory for Humanity
    I = Inclusion and Involvement
    D = Destiny