Not Rare, Not Safe

From Lachlan

“Thanks Dan Andrews your mandated vaccine that I had to have in order to work and support my family resulted in this. Again, I was one of the healthiest people I know, young, strong. Haven’t even had a cold in a decade. If I got COVID I am 100% sure I would’ve fought it off. Instead 2 days after my shot I come down with appendicitis and am rushed to the hospital for surgery. How can this man be out of prison, let alone be allowed to run a state. And before any of you do gooders that jumped in my last post about this come to the defence of him, have a read of this article from the USA governments Centre for Disease Control website. Here I’ll take a screen shot for you too. Like I’ve said previously, I fully support the vaccine program for those who feel they need it/want it, but mandating it to healthy people like myself? This just show what can happen.

Megs story

“On Monday the 25th of October I had my 1st Pfizer vaccine. These past 5 days I have been to hospital twice and I have prayed because I honestly thought I was going to die at one point. I’ve experienced;

A racing heart, 2 different types of chest pain, nausea, extremely shaky limbs, breathlessness, lethargy, no appetite, foggy brain, stomach pain, neck pain, sternum pain, fuzzy sight, dry mouth and feeling completely washed out. It is now Saturday (day 5) and I still am shaky, short of breath and heavy in the chest. If I stand and walk around too long I get quite unstable and feel like I may faint.

Never in my life have I felt this unwell. I’ve cried on the phone to my Mum, on my husbands shoulder, petrified that my life or my body won’t be the same.

I’ve lodged my ‘side effects’ with the TGA today and if you have experienced anything I urge you to as well.

Thankfully my tests/chest X-ray/bloods have come back clear however, it’s still such a worry I feel this way though with no answers of how long it may last for.

I’m in no way an anti vaxxer, my children and myself are all up to date with their vaccines, I did although have a serious element of worry about getting this vaccine. So many what ifs surrounding it but against my gut instincts at the time, I did what I thought was best for myself and my family.

Because of that decision, I now sit here and worry that I might have permanent issues and that’s scary. If you have had any effects from this vaccine, please message me but also please report them so they can work towards providing something a little more researched and safer for everyone.

My husband and family members have received it with little to no side effects. I am just unfortunate.”

From Sue who had to overcome a deal of pain to get this message out.

“Hi my name is Sue this is my story.

4 months ago I was told to get the jab for work not wanting it but needed it for work so went to doctors and without any questions from doctor sent me to nurse to get it done knowing full well I have guiltman disease.

I went down extremely fast and was completely paralysed to the point couldn’t talk walk or have feelings to go to toliet my pottassiam dropped to an all time low nearly unconscious .Ambulance been rang and rushed in ive spent weeks in hospital with people in with same problems.

Was discharged in wheelchair only to return back ten days later with pottassiam dropped to death level kept saying was from jab but only to be told by jnr doctors know has nothing to do with it 😕 my pottassiam had again dropped from 4.6 to very low levels so back on heart monitors again and various ivs

got my speech back but no feelings in left arm nor legs .discharged after a lengthy stay again I did post on a fb site which my doctor found and had a phone link up for medical reasons to be threatened if I didn’t take it down couldn’t treat me anymore so I did .4 months later I’m in and all the time .

I was riding 🐎 nearly every day and working very physically demanding work before this .I had to have catherder as I was paralysed the pain was extremely excruciating so was on all sorts of pain killers. Today 4 months on I am walking some days still have no feeling in left hand brain fog memory problems and sight problems im on 4800 mgs of pottassiam a day and still end up on drips .I’m speaking out now as I was silenced before but no more .

I still have black outs falling down stairs or getting out of bed to find ive got no feelings in my legs and fall.excuse my writing as ive have problems with speech and something not quite right I miss words .

And now told I have to have vaccination again I can’t I believe I would die or end up a vegetable 12 months ive been told to be able to recover what to risk it again ive been told that my last visit to doctors that I will no get another exemption

well no income coming in and can’t work anyway let alone go shopping my parents and brother have been helping me picking me off floors and ringing ambulances for me seizures in hospital shaking uncontrollable to the point its frighting for my children which I can no longer look after no help from ndis as doctors won’t diagnose as they have to admit fault to jab I could go on and on .I just people need to know it does affect people in many different ways.”

This is Tania’s story – Jacks Mum

“My kids, Jack, Abbey and I spoke about them getting the vaccine. With Jack 20yrs and Abbey 17yrs, I didn’t want to pressure them, I let them make their own decision. They both said that they wanted to be allowed to go out, to travel the world and live their lives, just like the rest of us, so I booked them in.

They both had their 1st pfizer vaccine on 15 Sept. Both felt perfectly fine apart from a sore arm. Their 2nd vaccine was Tuesday, 12 Oct. Both Jack and Abbey felt ‘off’ that afternoon and went to bed early. Jack woke up the next morning feeling a bit like he was getting the flu. Again, normal reaction.

By the evening he was feeling okay, apart from a bit of tightening in his chest. It felt worse when he woke up the next morning, along with some pain and a fast heartbeat, but nothing really major. I had a regular appointment with my doctor at midday and mentioned it to him. He advised us to go to emergency at the hospital just to make sure. At the hospital, (Sunshine Coast University Hospital) they saw Jack straight away. Bloods and ECG pointed to myocarditis. His heart enzymes were at a very high level. Should have been 1 or 2 but were sitting at 3700. They admitted him straight to the cardiac unit.

After an echocardiogram (ultrasound) they diagnosed Jack with Myo-pericarditis. Inflammation of the heart muscle and the lining of the heart. Jack has absolutely no other underlying conditions, so confirmed that it was caused from the vaccine. Apparently it’s very rare, but nurses told us that they had seen a few young people in the past few weeks. Apparently we have more of a chance of getting this condition if we contract Covid-19 and could have been so much worse if we’d left it. Who knows what could have happened?

The next few days were a blur! Anti inflammatory meds, many, many blood tests, heart monitoring and constant stress and worry. Enzymes continued to reduce with medication and Jack started to feel better. On Tuesday afternoon, he had an MRI. We received the results on Wednesday morning. Still a little bit of fluid around the heart, but no permanent damage or scarring. Enzymes had gone right down. Jack was so lucky!

He got the all clear to go home. We packed everything up and the cardiologist requested one more blood test just to make sure.

Another bombshell. His liver enzymes had risen and were 10x higher than they should be. Sitting at 510 when they should have been 40-50. We now needed to see a liver specialist and there was no way that Jack was going home.

More blood tests and an ultrasound yesterday. Results this morning. Jack’s liver is fine, enzymes were trending down. Dr said that the medication he was on was very unlikely to cause liver damage. Again, the vaccine was the blame, although very rare.

After 9 days in hospital, my beautiful boy is finally home, he’s one of the lucky ones, and I thank the Universe for bringing him back to us safely and for not letting me completely lose my marbles! Maybe that will happen later 🤪

We are not anti-vaxxers. We want to keep us and others safe from getting this terrible virus, but we also want to be able to have the freedom of speech to speak up about what happened and not be ‘shut down’.

Please feel free to use my story for whatever you may need.

Have a beautiful day 🙏

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  1. The morons who fall for this aren’t rare unfortunately. No sources just random photos of people in hospital? No details, nothing? I stubbed my toe the other day, must be the vaccine!