Discussions are underway to scrap the December 1 opening for the unvaccinated in NSW

The NSW government is considering pushing back the reopening date for unvaccinated people in a bid to boost the state’s inoculation coverage, with senior ministers now eyeing a potential double-dose rate of 95 per cent.

While freedoms for unvaccinated people may be postponed, the government will also consider moving forward some aspects of the road map that were originally slated for December 1, according to a senior minister.

Sources have told The Ray Hadley Morning Show cabinet will next week consider changing the target for reopening to the unvaccinated at 95 per cent double dose.

Currently, the unvaccinated will receive the same freedoms as the rest of the population on December 1 when the state is expected to hit 90 per cent double dosed.

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  1. Supreme Leader Hadley is at it again, he’s the first one that needs to be put to trial, his voice being broadcast all over the country should be deemed a crime against humanity.

    1. Well Ray Hadley !@#$%^ you, you are not on my Christmas list with an attitude like that….this is not a one size fits all especially when the alternatives have been used for centuries, to many people are dying from this vaccine worldwide not just Australia and the injury list is growing at a large rate. This is peoples live here. I cant believe the NSW Government are allowed to get away with this it beggar’s belief. Not to mention “Kim Jung bloody Morrison” sitting on his hands and doing nothing, oh he states there not mandated but he let the states and the big companies mandate it people are struggling enough this government has blood on there hands, (excuse my bad spelling I’m in a cranky mood). Grow a set of Balls Morrison and wake up to your self…..end this tyranny NOW or you will be in prison…..rant over

    2. This bully and thug is the greatest incitor to hatred and defamer of people who think.
      No wonder his first Missus run off with a footballer, she obviously needed something more intelligent.

  2. How many faithful GB (Govt Broadcaster) listeners has this mis info merchant coerced into taking the Jab? Is delusional enough to think that pushing forward the date for the unvaxxed to get their “freedom” back will force them to take it! Love to think that the AHole will be one of the first to take the stand at Nuremberg 2!

  3. Problem is no one has a fucking clue about anything. Only thing that has spread in the last 2yrs is bullshit.


    Its all there on one site.
    From the beginning.

    First go to the menu and find viruses. Need ti stop call covid a virus its a brand name. Stop calling death shots vaccines. Theres never been a vaccine. Not for no virus anyway.

  4. Ray Hadley is a nasty piece of work. That ageing shock jock’s dwindeling audiences consist mainly of under tens (IQ wise) and terrified oldies. He is the King of Snitches and bullies and when he hyperventilates about paedophiles I always get the feeling “the lady dost protest too much”. Now he has obviously found himself another minority target, those who refuse to be labrats for an experimental gene therapy and a pretext for him to indulge his wet dreams of Apartheid.

    My jury on the new Premier of NSW rests out until I see if he gives into snitches and bullies, or if he stops this shamefull Apartheid system when anyone with a normal intelligence meanwhile has understood that the “vaccinated” are the more dangerous ones when it comes to spreading.