NSW Freedoms Revoked Overnight

The NSW public health orders will be amended this morning to ensure day trips between Greater Sydney and the regions are not allowed when the state begins to reopen on Monday.

Key points:

• Day trips will not be allowed between Greater Sydney and regional areas until the state hits the 80 per cent double vaccination mark
• Yesterday a spokesperson for the Deputy Premier’s office said recreational day trips between metro and regional NSW would be allowed 
• But the public health order will be amended today
NSW Deputy Premier Paul Toole said it was currently a grey area, but it would be cleared up. 

“I know that the health orders were not probably clear enough,” Mr Toole said. 

“They’re a little bit grey.

“It will be cleared up today very clearly to say black and white, that you can’t go from Greater Sydney into the regions and you cannot go from a regional community into Greater Sydney.

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  1. So let’s talk about NSW Deputy Premier Paul Toole’s personal life to see if he is a good leader or not as they did on MSM with Dominic Perrottet the very first day he came into office.

  2. Freedom for the vaxxed revoked? Haha
    Cant have those that are 6 times more likely to catch and spread it to travel to the NSW south coast or Newcastle regions can we!

  3. Hold the Line Australia!! My goodness – Our parents LEFT communist Europe for this???? Family worked on the Snowy river scheme and numerous other Nation Building ventures, raised us a Good tax paying Australians and we are amazed at the acquiescence of the population with FEAR driving the narrative from so called ‘leaders!”

    1. I am first gen. political refugee from a communist Eastern European country.
      Never taught that I will end up in a worst situation.
      However this is my country and I wilhold the line any way I can

  4. Can anyone confirm with Video the claims that Kristine Macartney ‘under oath’ admitted that the vaccine is 13 times more deadly than the virus? I have seen many claims and articles.