Check out this online chat with NSW health

They don’t seem to really understand the law. In one message, they say only Police can ask to see an exemption but then they say shops can refuse entry…which is WRONG!

Are they being taught the law in their training?

It is NOT the responsibility of a shop owner or staff member to enforce masks or QR codes. They are NOT authorised officers. As a shopowner or staff member, you have ZERO obligation to enforce the CHO directions. All you need to do is have the QR code visible and that’s it.

I have an interview with a lawyer to prove this. It will come out soon.

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  1. Totally agree Monica. It is a similar story from my own experience. I was refused entry to a radiology clinic for medical treatment for not wearing a mask which I had a medical exemption for under the Department of Veterans Affairs a federal government agency. After phoning three other clinics and being refused I eventually found one that recognised my exemption. Even after speaking with their practice manager I was informed that they had contacted NSW Health and told to apply the rule as you would do for incorrect dress when entering a dining/night club. On further query they told me I was incorrectly dressed. Absolutely absurd!! Not to mention delayed treatment has been shown to lead to life threatening circumstances and sometimes death.

  2. We need more information for small businesses, I am a small business police are coming in daily. What are my rights do I have to make sure my customers are signing in? Will I be fined? I don’t want to enforce these laws but I also don’t want to close my doors or be fined. Please help