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In the greatest Government-authorised privacy breach in Australian history, the Morrison Government is today releasing the Covid-vaccination details of 6 million NSW residents to the leak-riddled Service NSW, for the creation of the Berejiklian Government’s Vaccine Passport ID Cards.

Last month the Prime Minister said, “The vaccination program in Australia is free and it is not mandatory. That is a very important principle. We are not going to seek to impose a mandatory vaccination program by the Government, by stealth … (or) by some other means”.

Scott Morrison said that vaccines in Australia would always be voluntary. He said his Government would not be involved in facilitating Vaccine Passports. He lied. He’s a dreadful con-man who should never again be trusted by the Australian people.

I’m asking questions about this privacy scam of the NSW Minister, Victor Dominello. In particular, to ensure people who have filled out the Australian Immunisation Register ‘Ceasing Correspondence and Release of Information’ form have had their legal Federal privacy right respected (that is, no third party, including the NSW Government, can view their vaccination status).

The fight inside the Liberal and National Parties against this atrocity has been almost non-existent. When you hear Coalition MPs, supposedly ‘conservatives’, say they are opposed to the state-control and intrusion of Vaccine Passport ID cards, please understand, with the exception of George Christensen (Qld) and Tanya Davies (NSW), they are as useful as pockets in your underpants.

The NSW Government Covid privacy breaches are horrendous. Right now I’m looking at a spread sheet of NSW Health staff names with Position Classifications, Assignment Numbers, the Vaccine Status of each individual, and worst of all, the illnesses staff have, allowing them to be medically exempted from vaccination.

There needs to be a public inquiry into NSW Health and how these breaches were allowed to happen. If in the Berejiklian Dictatorship they ever allow our Parliament to sit again, I’ll be pushing as hard as I can for this inquiry.

Mark Latham MLC
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  1. Sadly there are very few politicians who we can
    trust. I heard today that Victoria is about to start
    the passport soon with double vaxed people, I
    think they said in regional Vic.

    1. Correct – it’s a trial apparently

      They will choose which businesses get to start using the trial apparently.

      I do know that if you have a sign on your door saying SERVING THE VAXED ONLY then your shop will probably get destroyed !!

  2. If Service NSW have this information, does that mean a highway patrol can scan your number plate and know if you’re vaccinated?

    1. It seriously concerns me thinking about the amount of groups or organisations that will have access to our private information.

      But let’s give your question some thought.

      In order for them to know if you’re vaccinated or not, they would need access to your MYGOV or My health or Medicare or Services Australia whatever you wanna call it…..

      Who has access to your MYGOV other than you and the corporations under Services Australia ?

      No one !!!!!

      So for the police to get it, that would make me so fucking mad I can’t even think about it now without getting angry.

      I don’t know what the answer is but my opinion is that yes they will know …….just like the QR thing it was meant to be for contract tracing and they use it all the time !!

  3. So much for the privacy of your health records. They are all possessed
    with vaccinations but remember that last year vaccines were not to be
    made mandatory!!! No one has used the word mandatory but it didn’t
    take long to think of other ways to coerce people. Stay strong.

  4. Chatting with a woman yesterday who told me that her daughter in locked down Sydney received a visit from the police on the weekend. They said that ‘2 adults and 2 children’ are registered at this address’, and the police were checking that the right number of people were in that house. How do police know the number of adults and children in a household? Could this be a misuse of census data?

    1. Ok I just called the cops and asked them how they know who lives where and he said the cops have intelligence which made me laugh and 5 mins later he finally confirmed that yes when the police look at their INTERNAL systems it shows who lives where and who they live with. Absolute bullshit isn’t it !!!!