Full NSW Roadmap from 1st December

See below the NSW Roadmap


On Wednesday 1 December 2021, the following settings will apply to all NSW citizens, regardless of their vaccination status:

Gatherings in the home and outdoor public spaces

  • No limit on the number of visitors to a home
  • Density will shift to one person per 2 sqm for indoor and outdoor settings
  • No limit on the number of people who can attend informal outdoor gatherings
  • COVID Safe plan required for outdoor events with more than 1,000 people
  • Community sport permitted for all people.

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  1. Just love this. Cannot understand why we are going through this BS in the first place. Oh yeah, it’s those power hungry dictators not admitting defeat.

  2. Still concerned … assumes 80% vaccination reached. If not, VPs stay. Announcement on same day as all the expense of setting up the VPs for a couple of months seems highly unlikely – I would say they are buying obedience with this carrot which can then be removed as circumstances change e.g. let’s include down to 12 year olds in 80% as Victoria is doing, a new strain, an outbreak etc. or most likely of all, its 5 months on and we need to reintroduce to ensure people take boosters and then 5 months later again ad infinitum.

    1. You could be onto something there. I haven’t been able to get my head around it all, that if the unvaxxed would soon enough be as free as the vaxxed why introduce a VP…. Well, if this buying obedience with a carrot is a possibility, there will be anarchy. I know many double-jabbed people who are p…ed off enough right now because they feel they’ve been conned.

      1. I heard that they were paying some Indigenous people to get the vaccination in their attempt to keep boosting the numbers. Any one know for sure. Its bad enough the threats and intimidation but financial incentive?

        1. they are very worried about the aborigional people up in the MURCHISON area of WA. the pricks are too scared to start saying you must get a needle, because all they,l get back is a shower of empty emu export cans and some choice words

  3. Check out the fact sheet above, on the roadmap to opening and read the section on travel.
     Unrestricted trips between Greater Sydney and Regional NSW will be
    Then read this, which is on the NSW gov website for December 1st re-opening:
    “Travel and transport
    Travel holidays between Greater Sydney including Central Coast, Wollongong, Shellharbour, Blue Mountains and Regional NSW permitted (not permitted for people not fully vaccinated).”
    Can someone check this out please? Which one is correct. They can’t seriously keep the unvaccinated locked into Sydney indefinitely?? Thanks