NSW police are making big mistakes….

This video is very shocking and also has very bad language so don’t watch if you can’t handle that 🙂

Watch the full video HERE

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  1. Monica, Monica please be careful here.
    This is very complex.
    Most cultures with their supporting religions will place “God’s Law” above Civil Law.
    However if Civil Law is to be the overarching Law to unite us all it must be respected and maintained.
    This video (carefully filmed and edited) is simply an example of poor communication between all parties.
    The Police should(and may have) been supported by Police members of that culture.

  2. Greetings Monica
    You or a rep can “friend” me on Facebook.
    My avatar is “William James” .
    Had to take down my real name because of trolls.
    I have 82 years of experience for you to draw on if you wish.

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