Extreme rules in NT over ONE CASE

Ultimate control will continue, checkpoints around targeted areas, checking papers. This is why we have done our SOS campaign, fully vaccinated is this ok to you? Is this how you want to live your life to restrict a disease that CANNOT be limited via lockdowns, the army or a vaccine passport. SPEAK OUT 

By Jacqueline Breen and Samantha Dick

Katherine has entered a three-day hard lockdown, and Greater Darwin has entered its first three-day lockout, after the Northern Territory recorded its first case of community COVID-19 transmission.

An unvaccinated man in his 20s was confirmed as COVID-positive on Thursday evening.

The snap lockdown, which started today, is due to lift at midnight on Sunday.

During the announcement last night, NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said health authorities do not know the source of the infection.

The lockdown rules are different in Katherine and Greater Darwin. 

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