A Young Mother of two, studying to become a Nurse has been indecently exposed by NSW Police

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  1. The Australian Police have become a joke. Who do we call if we really need help?? I have also heard
    that some of the police have had enough.
    In one of the protests in England, there were
    police marching with the protesters.

    1. If you live in Victoria, then please make sure to have friends and family to come to your rescue if you ever need to be protected from crimes. I called Victoria Police while being assaulted on 1 July 2018 a short walking distance from the Glen Waverley Police Station on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I waited for 40 minutes, bleeding, irrespective of my second 000 call. Victoria Police never showed up.
      See also the story of an 81-year-old Lalor man who was forced to fend off intruders alone, as Victoria Police never turned up following his three(!) calls either. Victoria Police showed up 8 hours after this man’s calls. Link at the bottom of this comment.
      Victoria Police at least have decayed to a level, they are only an asset to criminals – especially to criminals involved in organised crime.
      I am a 60+yo female Australian citizen professional with no criminal involvement or criminal background whatsoever.
      My experience with Victoria Police since I was naive enough to try to report serious crimes* I witnessed as a public servant (Business Analyst, The Victorian Electoral Commission, 2009-2012) proves that Victoria Police deteriorated further since Raymond Hoser published his first book on Victoria Police’s corruption in 1999.
      Since Victoria Police officers have not changed their evidently winning formulae over the past 22 years, Raymond Hoser’s works are priceless, historical documents. I have scanned into pdf and shared publicly chapter by chapter with Raymond Hoser’s permission the whole book “Victoria Police Corruption. (736 pp.) Kotabi, 1999. ISBN 0-9586769-6-8” at the below web address. Please do not be put off by the book’s less than polished appearance. Raymond Hoser went through incredible harassment while doing his research and publishing his works. If you have ever been naive enough to try to report serious crimes to Victoria Police and kept trying to report serious crimes after multiple blocking of your reporting attempts of crimes punishable by 10 years in jail, you are likely to know what this harassment is like – by Victoria Police officers evidently benefiting from the status quo of Victoria Police officers’ risk-free criminality.
      If you have become aware of serious crimes you are likely to know the burden of knowing about serious crimes remaining unpunished. Crimes unpunished evidently fester and grow. It is impossible for a decent person not to want to stop serious crimes irrespective of the personal cost of trying to stop these crimes.
      * An IT helpdesk assistant at The Victorian Electoral Commission stalking women whose home addresses he is able to harvest via his job, flaunting his risk-free access to an ever-increasing range of criminal capabilities likely to be trading stolen information for Crimes As A Service – like a small child would show off a new puppy. Stalking by itself is punishable by 10 years in jail. While Victoria Police forced me to fight at court in 2019 as an accused criminal instead of making any effort to stop the stalker ex-coworker whom I never even dated and his many accomplices who joined in for the free fun to be had committing serious crimes, I saw at least one uniformed Victoria Police officer participate in the stalker’s crimes in broad daylight. Having exhausted all legal avenues trying to stop the crimes I witnessed, I am making Public Interest Disclosures like this one. Peace is apparently the existence of justice, not the absence of war.