Please share the nurse’s stories, although they are anonymous they have been vetted by a collective of health professionals. If you are a healthcare professional please join their group and email them using the details below. 


This is an Anonymous whistleblowing channel for Nurses & Healthcare workers in Australia. We will share verified experiences from frontline workers who see firsthand the damage caused by COVID-19 vaccinations.
These submissions have been vetted by a collective of health professionals. Some details may be omitted, your identity will be protected. AHPRA has gagged, coerced and threatened anyone who comes forward – let’s save some lives.

This channel is dedicated to all frontline workers around the world. This is Australia. This is for you.
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  1. Congratulations to all those nurses and health
    workers who have the strength to stand up for
    their rights, and you have also done it for all
    Australians. Thank you. The more people who
    stand against this tyranny the better.

    1. hey Sue I,m getting a black one, I,m up Meeka way the closest we come to the corona b/s is a mate turning up with 4 cartons of corona beer in his ute

    2. Hi Suespectacular
      I am also in WA. What is happening on Friday? Is this due to the Tier 1 “enforcement” on 1 Oct? I work in health and so far have been unable to find support here re challenging the mandate. I am going to be restricted from this Friday within my workplace and end of October, I will not be allowed on the premises.

  2. Sorry, no sympathy or support for the nurses, they were quite happy to inject the poison into people because, you know money, but now they have to get it they kick up, same as the cops. You kept telling people that it was and is perfectly safe, you are the ones causing the deaths and profound injuries…for money… well done, well done.

  3. Thank you whistleblowers. In my own circle of friends and acquaintances I know of several DEATHS and adverse reactions such as mouth ulcers and heart problems (young healthy men). I still don’t know anyone who has died of the Wuflu. How much longer can they bury this? Keep on keeping on Australia, we have nothing left to lose when we lose our freedoms.

  4. Thanks for having the nerve to stand up and tell the truth . My daughter has only started a nursing career that the loves here in WA but has handed in her notice to avoid the mandate . To force a medication that we don’t know the long term effects of onto pretty much everyone is plain and simply criminal.