NZ passes world’s MOST EXTREME abortion legislation

I made a video on how I feel about this new legislation.

You can now have an abortion in NZ for ANY reason, without doctor consultation, until birth.

The baby can be partially born for harvesting their hearts and then ‘aborted’.

The baby will have no pain relief whatsoever.

Even if you are ‘pro choice’ regarding abortion…surely THIS IS TOO FAR!

Read more about it here and here

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  1. Yet when a baby is actually wanted by pro-abortion parents, buckets of tears are shed if this baby is lost. The death of pre-term babies is only a tragedy if they were in the ‘wanted’ category. Life or death is determined by convenience and feelings, rather than love and sacrifice.

    1. Agreed, Adern is a player in the BS we are living through. OMG though, this abortion legislation is really just unbelievable. It’s sick, inhumane, cruel, just f…..g wrong. I just hope and hope and hope that the Kiwis are strong enough to get this legislation cancelled permanently.