NZ and parents who refuse vaccinated blood for baby’s heart surgery

I don’t see what the big deal is…just ask an UNVACCINATED person to offer their blood. I’m sure there are plenty out there willing to.

An urgent hearing has been set down to seek a resolution between Te Whatu Ora Health NZ and parents who have refused to allow blood from vaccinated people to be used in a life-saving operation for their baby boy’s surgery.

Justice Layne Harvey said today’s hearing at the High Court in Auckland is purely administrative to set the date for an urgent hearing.

Representing Te Whatu Ora, lawyer Paul White flagged the urgency of the case saying medical professionals have said the child with such a condition would have been treated several weeks ago in normal circumstances.

The parents’ lawyer, Sue Grey, said the case was unusual and different from other medical guardianship cases where parents are refusing medical care. For this one, she said, the parents want better care than what the state is offering.

There was no legal or other reason why Te Whatu Ora is refusing to consider the parents’ proposal as a solution, Grey said.

“Because they label my clients as conspiracy theorists, [their position] is that anything my clients say can be ignored,” she told the court.

White said Te Whatu Ora’s application to the court is ultimately based on the best interests of the child and what they view as medically safe.


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  1. Of course the parents have a right to choose. The German – Thai micro biologist, Sacharit Bakhti has been warning of toxic spike proteins in the blood for over 18 months.

    This case does bring up a question…Are there actually any “purebloods”. ?? I ‘ve had no vaxs but remember feeling quite sick after travelling an hour in a single cab Ute with a recently vaxxed person. I’ve heard of unvaxxed people who shared a house with a vaxxed having blood tests done and finding spike protein in their blood.

    I saw a video from a 16y/o U S girl who had extreme reactions to toxic chemicals. She was a walking poison detection lab. Prior to covid vax, her worst trigger was mould. After intro of covid vax, if a vaxxed person came closer than 6 to 8m to her, her skin would burn and she would experience extreme pain and nausea. She is like the proverbial canary in the coal mine for all of us.

    In the NZ case the authorities would have to admit that the “safe and effective” was a lie.