Occupy Spring Street – Photo Album

Here are a few snaps from the last few days…THEY AREN’T LEAVING!

There seems to be shifts of people coming and going but there’s consistently hundreds there at once, even in the dead of night.


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  1. Thank you thank you for the photos and video containing sincere freedom seeking individuals. What a relief. The violence against the psyche incited by government and violence to physical health of individuals incited by “The Gallows” is terrifying. Those in authority including the “Freedom, anti mandate, anti bill, anti segregation” members of the public must denounce and rally against this element that has infiltrated the Freedom Movement.
    Otherwise it is the same coin, different expressions of violence, both designed to instil fear. Exact opposite of what we are fighting against.

  2. @monica  If the Victorian government really wanted to be transparent they wouldn’t have spent the last 12 months fighting to not provide any information to the public on their decisions. But now with thousands of people in the street, the rhetoric from the government is increasing. it’s become ‘if we get criticism, play the right wing card’, it’s ridiculous”.  Mainstream media talking points are without evidence. Why would they do this? Maybe to create a narrative to justify firing off rubber bullets into the protestors ‘as a safety measure’. Remember, 60 QCs agreed that this Victorian Pandemic Bill was deeply flawed. Skynews is reporting the following amendments to the Pandemic Bill:

    1. Reduce the maximum penalty for aggravated offences from two years’ imprisonment.
    2. Remove the ability for orders to apply to people based on political belief and other attributes not related to health.
    3. Tighten oversight requirements of pandemic orders.
    4. Properly define the word “pandemic” and bring it in line with the World Health Organisation definition.
    5. Require a disease to be in Victoria before a pandemic can be declared.
    6. Expand membership of the Independent Pandemic Management Advisory Committee to include an independent panel of experts working alongside the chief health officer.
    7. Require that an extension to orders be made only if the disease is still considered a pandemic.
    8. Limit extensions of pandemic declarations to a maximum of three months at a time, up to 12 months after the date of declaration, and then only month by month. All extensions must be approved by voting in both houses of parliament.
    9. A report outlining the reasons for declaring, extending or revoking a pandemic must be produced at the time of making any such declaration.
    10. Public health advice must be published within a day of any pandemic orders being made.
    11. Parliament would be required to sit during a pandemic.

    1. Add explicit reference to the Public Health and Wellbeing Act’s principles of evidence-based decision making pandemic declarations and orders.
    2. Limit the number of extensions to pandemic declarations to one month instead of three.
    3. Any extensions would be subject to a statement outlining the justification and objectives of the extension.
    4. A three-fifths majority vote of both houses of parliament would be required to extend pandemic declarations.
    5. Parliament would be able to repeal its approval for an extension.
    6. Regular and full briefings would be required to be provided to the Leader of the Opposition and all non-government members of parliament.
    7. Orders would be unable to be made on the basis of personal attributes, including political activity, sexuality, religion, age and breastfeeding status.
    8. Written advice would be required to be provided in relation to the Human Rights effects of any health order.
    9. Public health advice underpinning pandemic orders would be publicly released within 14 days.
    10. Pandemic orders would be suspended if written public health advice was not provided within 14 days.
    11. The chief health officer would be required to provide to parliament advice underpinning pandemic declarations.
    12. Enhanced measures for the scrutiny, suspension and disallowance of pandemic orders.
    13. A right of appeal to VCAT would be added for any person affected by a pandemic order.
    14. Pandemic orders that interfered with the ordinary and full operation of the Victorian parliament would be blocked.
    15-16. In what would be a two-part process, the Legislative Council would have the power to disallow pandemic orders.
    17. Authorised officers would require a warrant to enter residential premises.
    18. A parliamentary oversight committee, without a government majority, would oversee pandemic orders.

    The propaganda is rife… another false flag event is brewing…

  3. Today Andrews is complaining about the threats made to him,
    his wife and family. Whilst I don’t agree with any violence, what
    about the threats made to the unvaxed, the people out there
    protesting. He is making sure that the unvaxed don’t get any

    1. gthey always pull that lie out – it probably never happened or it was some of the pro-vaccination extremists – they are insane – we only have to remember what that stop the avn pro-vaccination extremist group did some years back to Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Risks Network – what they did to her was criminal and terrorising – of course not a word in mainstream media about it – should still find that report on THE BOLEN REPORT – the people who did that to Meryl Dorey should have had a long jail term ….. but knowing that psychopathneedatightjacketAndrews he has simply toldf yet another lie and he just keeps adding to his pile of lies and threagts – well hefre’s one we all pray he will be up with the leaders at the top of the Nuremberg II trial.

      1. I agree with you Diane and I love your name for Andrews. As for MSM,
        I don’t watch much MSM, but today someone said that the protests,
        especially the night protests are a disgrace. How do wake up MSM??

  4. I want to thank so much and sincerely RDA and all our wonderful Australians who have fought so hard for the lives of our babies, children and all of us – fighting like champions for our civil rights, medical rights and human rights against the obscene tryants that can and do destroy democracies – corruption and conflicts of interests are the virus in our countries that have to be destroyed not the global governments being ‘allowed’ to destroy the people !!
    The Australian and American vaccination policies et al are totally corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest – a putrid sewer – time to clean out that political sewer pit and those greasy governmental/industries/corporate revolving doors.
    Mainstream media (much of which is owned by the same media empire with deep conflicts of interest), mainstream medicine, Pharmaceutical Industries and their widespread overwhelming control/influence/partnerships with Governments has to be killed.
    This same mainstream media empire and their extensive control/influence/coercion/bullying conflicts of interest should have no rights whatsoever to do any reporting/bullying/coercion/forcing/mandating on vaccines or indeed anything to do with peoples own bodies and what they do or do not consent being done to such body due to such extensive conflicts of interest. Bloody disgusting.
    We wouldn’t allow a gang of armed robbers to be security guards at banks and other financial institutions would we?
    Thank you to all you beautiful human beings who went to the protests for our rights representing all of us who couldn’t go; you are all champions of the people and the fight must continue until the political filth has been cleaned out.

  5. @monica Supporters for freedom are still holding the line and in good spirits despite the barricade being placed on the steps of parliament (a deplorable act on a public building)

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