Victorian Labor has a snitch…finally!

There is at least one honest Labor party member in Victoria thank God.


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  1. Thanks for bringing this article to our attention. It really confirms many people’s view that the unelected public sector officials, at least at the Victorian State level, are not working in the interests of the Victorian people. At best they are are telling the government of the day, what they want to hear in order to keep their jobs, have no accountability, and stay in the shadows as `the experts’ hear so much about. The final couple paragraphs also highlights the need to wake up from this 2 party illusion of choice , as there is no reason to assume things would get any better for us even after a change of government.

  2. I almost choked on my coffee when I heard Jacqui backflip…..I had to replay it to make sure that what I heard was what I heard………Jacqui!….how much did they pay you???….or was it a threat???….you have lost me forever!….what a traitor!

  3. Something all these politicians need to remember, is that WE ARE THEIR EMPLOYERS. If they don’t do the right thing by the people of this country and protect our rights to freedom of speech and freedom of personal medical decisions, they will be on the scrap heap. Who is paying them, bribing them or blackmailing them?