Online Survey Documents Vaccine Coercion

Thousands of Australians have reported they felt “extremely pressured” to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the results of a survey.

The anonymous online survey – “the Australian Survey of Reasons for COVID-19 Vaccination” – was completed by nearly 27,000 people in early 2022.

Of those, 9,861 people reported having received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to medical media business, “Clarity on Health”, which designed and implemented the survey.

In a multiple-choice question testing for coercion, more than three-quarters of those vaccinated – that’s 7,559 Australians – selected the response: “I felt extremely pressured to have a COVID-19 vaccination”.

Just 8.5% reported that they had felt no pressure to have the jab.

The finding is concerning, says Clare Pain, editor of “Clarity on Health”, because the “Australian Immunisation Handbook” states that, to be valid, consent for vaccination “must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation”.

“These Australians are clearly reporting what they feel to be undue pressure and, in many cases, coercion”, she says.

“Of course, the underlying reason why decisions about medical treatments must never be coerced is that all medical interventions involve some risk.”

Mrs Pain has written an open letter to alert leading health and medical professionals in Australia including Professor John Skerritt, who leads the “Therapeutic Goods Administration” (TGA), and Professor Nigel Crawford, the chair of the “Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation” (ATAGI).

In the letter, she notes that the survey findings, while unlikely to be representative of all Australians, suggest that the vaccinations in these people breached the standards of medical ethics in the immunisation handbook. 

“I suspect hundreds of thousands of Australians, possibly even a million or more, may have felt the same way as these survey respondents,” she adds.

You can see the open letter and detailed results of the survey on

In one survey question, people were asked to select their main reason for having the vaccine from a list of 28 potential reasons.

By far the most frequent reason selected was “to keep my job”, chosen by 39.2%.

The second-most common reason was “It was mandated for my job or profession.” This was chosen by a further 18.7% of people.

The third-most common reason was “so that I would be allowed to travel within my state, interstate or overseas”.

The first main reason for vaccination directly connected with COVID-19 disease itself appeared in fifth place, with just 3.8% of vaccinated respondents saying they had the jab primarily “to protect me from getting COVID-19”.

Almost 500 people also added their own comments, with many saying state governments or their employers had been coercive.

“My employer of 27 years mandated it or would sack me with one day’s notice,” wrote one respondent.

“Because I was forced to take it if I wanted to keep providing for my family. I have never been more upset about being forced into something in my life,” wrote another.

While a third said: “Government coercion and unlawful mandates. NO other reason. I didn’t want it. AT ALL!”

Time and again people said that, if they refused vaccination, they would not be able to put food on the table for their families, or that they would no longer be able to keep a roof over their heads.

And it was not just the vaccinated who reported pressure. At the time of the survey (18th February to 28th March), almost half (49.7%) of the nearly 17,000 respondents who remained unvaccinated reported that they were feeling extremely pressured to have the jab.

Mrs Pain said that despite all Federal MPs and Senators and the mainstream media being asked to share the survey, it was mainly shared by people who had concerns about the vaccination campaign, and this accounted for the high proportion of unvaccinated people.

“’In the open letter I ask the public health leaders to conduct an arms-length survey of a representative sample of the Australian population, testing for evidence of coercion,” she said.

“I feel the onus is on them to demonstrate that the campaign met the Australian Immunisation Handbook standards.”

“In my opinion, however, this survey already shows that thousands felt undue pressure, which points to the breaching of these standards of medical ethics.”

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  1. There are so many heartbreaking stories. I’ve personally met a number of health aware people who knew the risks of the vaccine who were forced to take it so they could feed their families. All they could do was try to detox afterwards. Quite a few, both male and female, used the same expression ; ” It felt like I was being raped”

    I heard of one father who called his family together (his kids all had young families of their own ) and told them he didn’t want anyone in the family to take it. He would get the vax himself and get a good paying job on the mines and give them any money they needed for mortgages or food.

    It really made me sick to my stomach to hear Scott Morrison dismiss the 300,000+ Melbourne protest the Saturday before Dan Andrews’ permanent pandemic bill was voted on, saying with a shrug, ” you have to remember that 95% of Australians have done the right thing for themselves and the community.”

    I wonder what the percentage would have been if there were no brutal mandates that took away peoples ability to feed their families if they wern’t vaxxed. And also if people had been given honest infomation instead of KGB style fear and propaganda.

    I would also like to know what the true % is. In the UK the authorities and MS Media were claiming there was only 5 million unvaxed. Recent figures showed the figure was actually 19 million with many millions more who had not taken their second shot or booster.