Open letter from Monica Smit to Clive Palmer – we deserve answers!!!

Hi Clive, it’s Monica Smit here. I hope you respond because there are so many unanswered questions and your potential voters deserve the truth before they decide which number to put next to UAP on their ballot paper. 

Let’s go back to October 2021. I had already started my own party called RDA (Reignite Democracy Australia) Party, which had 1,250 members already and was on track to doing quite well in this election.

When I was in prison, for being a human rights activist, I watched your UAP ads on TV and thought to myself…’wow, how can I compete with those resources and experience’. Then when Craig Kelly jumped on board with you, I was sure that UAP was the freedom party Australia was waiting for. Craig told me I needed millions of dollars to achieve anything, and I believed him. I was so overwhelmed with the concept of running RDA Party on top of my current responsibilities and you were doing a great job….so I cancelled RDA Party, refunded all the memberships, and started to support the vision which was being promoted by you and UAP.

I got a lot of flack from my audience for openly supporting UAP. They said things like…”Clive is only in it to help the Liberals”…”Clive is only concerned with his mining interests”…”Clive owes workers money and still hasn’t paid them”…”Clive doesn’t care about the freedom movement, he’s just doing the same thing he did in 2019…he’s helping the Liberal Party”.

I defended those claims. I would say things like…”I think Clive has changed, I think he really wants to free Australia. Everyone makes mistakes, but people can change too. We need someone like him with enough money to disrupt the duopoly. Most of his ads say ‘we can’t trust Labor, Liberal, the Greens, or the Nationals again’, so surely he can’t be helping the Liberals this time?”.

You offered me the Number 1 senate position in Victoria. I declined. You offered to cover some of my legal fees, I said “no that’s fine, people have already generously helped me with that”, I even considered working for you to help with the campaign because I believed UAP was a true freedom party.

I funneled members, candidates, and volunteers into UAP. I am responsible for the messages I share with my audience and that’s why I’m writing this letter. I want answers so I can be honest and upfront with my audience. If I made a huge mistake in trusting UAP, I need to confront it. I am not scared to admit I was wrong, I only hope that you can do the same. I have spent months educating my audience on how to make their vote count. In order to continue doing so, questions must be answered.

From February 2022, RDA decided to be completely non-partisan and we stopped promoting any one party, however, our volunteers started working with candidates from several parties, including UAP. We held numerous events to help UAP candidates meet their constituents, we have their profiles on the RDA website, and we have volunteers at polling booths for UAP as we speak.

One week ago, we started receiving calls from distressed lower house candidates in Victoria who had received boxes of How-to-vote-cards from UAP head office with Liberals numbered as third, in front of freedom parties like One Nation, AFP, and GAP. RDA volunteers started contacting me concerned and confused. My first thought was…surely this is a mistake, but the calls kept coming and there was no clarification from UAP management. There is even one HTV card with Labor placed as a 3rd preference…how can this be? All these HTV cards can be seen HERE.

Then I saw that the Liberal party had put UAP second on the Victorian and Tasmanian senate HTV cards. You can see those HERE. I had an overwhelming concern…did you make a deal with the Liberals to get the number 2 position on their senate HTV card in exchange for giving them higher preferences in key marginal seats?

Victoria is my home. I have been locked down with my fellow Victorians for two years, been shot at, imprisoned, and segregated alongside them. This state has the best chance of disrupting the major party’s chances. Clive, were you exploiting us? Did you exploit the freedom movement?

After months of supporting UAP as a freedom-focused party, I was starting to question if we had all made a big mistake in trusting UAP. I hope I am wrong.

The most horrible thing is that your candidates are great, they had nothing to do with these provocative and deceitful HTV cards. The HTV cards just turned up on their doorstep with no warning or explanation at the final minute before pre-polling began. Their names are already on the ballot papers, what were they to do?

My fiancé, Morgan Jonas, broke the story on his Facebook page and I posted about it as well. Some of our supporters have been expressing anger at us for being ‘divisive’ and causing trouble, but all we did was tell voters the truth so they could vote accordingly.

Then it got worse when you avoided the questions on Sky News and when Craig Kelly put out a video talking about the senate HTV card when they were not the issue at all. He told some of the truth but failed to tell it all…and by his omission of the full truth, I can only conclude that this is also a form of lying.

Instead of confronting the facts, or admitting you made a mistake, you have tried to cover it up, which is silly really because those HTV cards are now all over social and mainstream media.

These are the questions I have for you. If you want to do a zoom interview or respond to these, I would be very grateful:

  1. Why have you only published the senate HTV cards on your website, not the lower house HTV cards?
  2. Why are you sidestepping the questions about these HTV cards, why not just tell us why you did it so we can make an informed decision?
  3. Are you specifically trying to help the Liberal Party win marginal seats in VIC, NSW, and TAS. (As per the UAP HTV cards outlined for these seats HERE).
  4. Did you exploit the freedom movement for your own political and professional gains?
  5. The whole UAP marketing campaign was about not trusting the major parties, but you’ve put major parties ahead of freedom parties in marginal seats. Why?
  6. Given the Liberal Party has placed UAP as their number two preference on the Senate HTV card in Victoria can you please outline any potential deal that was made in order for this to occur?

Many of your candidates and supporters have gone through the toughest times in their life over the past two years and deserve honest answers to the questions that have been brought to light.

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  1. I wondered how long it would take you to join the fake “Aussie Cossack” in the defaming Craig Kelly ever since your boy friend left Craig Kelly’s party. The fake “Kossack” even went as far as very dishonestly, if not criminally cut and alter an explanatory video from Craig Kelly, to make it show excactly the opposite of Craig Kelly’s message.

    I am soooo very disappointed in your undermining the conservative side and sabotageing – in Craig Kelly – a man who publicly gave us the stark truth about the vaccines, thus proving real courage. I have not seen you do that, but simply protested against the MANDATES, which is of course easier in a popularity contest.

    No amount of breast beating and virtue signalling will persuade me that your undermining Craig Kelly is anything more than a sheer political device to get your boyfriend (and probably yourself) into parliament.

    I have supported you financially but want to stop this support right now.

    1. If indeed the UAP is all about freedom, as their billboards around town indicate, then why on earth are they putting the liberals ahead of the freedom parties. A very pertinent question, which you seem to have sidestepped in your critique above. The questions Monica is asking are valid and require an answer. The liberals, whether in power or opposition have shown a tendency to tread on people’s freedoms and do not deserve to get a higher preference before any of the freedom loving parties.

        1. You will find RDA is censorship free. You have been hanging around too many MSM platforms where censorship is rife. You still have not addressed the reason why UAP is putting liberal higher than freedom parties in some electorates.

          1. Look at the link I provided, a Honourable, courageous and TRUE conservative (the one who is getting undermined by your Reignite and defamed by your mate, the fake Cossack is giving all the answers one needs, in detail.

          1. True, it does come from the heart, but only addresses the senate and 2 house of reps seats. What I would like to know is how many seats have the UAP put the liberal party ahead of freedom parties? After what we have gone through over the last 2 years, 1 seat is too many. There can be no excuse for having any majors ahead of freedom parties. Thankfully we control who gets our preferences.

        2. Thanks for posting the video. I will watch it. At this point though (before watching the video) Monica’s questions are valid. If you have followed her from the beginning you would have seen she is one of the most grounded and honest and candid people you could know of. I suspect her rant has come from the emotion of being jailed, persecuted by the Victorian government and now having supported UAP as a glimmer of hope perhaps got hyper freaked at the strange goings on with the HTV stuff. I know I would if I had been a political prisoner in my own fking country!! But many of us are making a VERY important decision on voting right now and want upfront honesty not Lib/Lab/Green political conniving…hence the sensitivity around UAP. I will now go and watch the video 🙂

      1. I would NOT put Liberals near the top because their ideology has changed. Heard of the ‘great reset’ that WEF Klaus Schwab has in mind for us? Well look who attended his ‘school for young global leaders’ and learn whose agenda these key people in politics and business is for really (hint: not for the country’s citizens they are supposed to represent!)

        1. Yes, I’ve heard of that!

          It’s a gigantic pile of made-up internet horseshit that is so out-of-touch with reality that only gullible morons would even entertain the possibility that a single word of it was true and … and … oh. Wow.

          This is awkward.

  2. Thanks for this letter. I too questioned the UAP’s HTV cards. I was fobbed off with they are only a suggestion on how to vote. People can choose who to preference. 

    I, too, would like to know what was traded for the second preference.

  3. Well, this brought out the trolls Monica: clivep and evebrown. I am UAP. Our candidate is awesome, and sorted out our problem, we have new HTV flyers! As you have said at times, support the candidate if not the party. Regarding other electorates where there are some Liberal preferences… I have no idea about the logic of it. Much as I still have faith in Craig, and our candidate, I hope Clive responds to your letter. You are right, we deserve some explanation.
    OzRita….love your passion. But. RDA has been here a damn long time. They have kept us informed with information, videos, reports, interviews, from some of the most respected people in the world about the truth. By running this site Monica has displayed real courage. And commitment. She is not undermining Craig, she is simply asking questions, quite rightly. The UAP chant is: Freedom, put the majors last……
    Personally, I’d have gone bat shit crazy by now without RDA. It’s kept me sane and focused and informed and enabled me to say NO.

      1. You are a johnny-come-lately, you know nothing of what Monica has achieved and been through. Calling her dumb makes you a common troll.

        1. HAHA do u actually think I give a shit about ur uneducated opinion of me? U have zero clue about what I know 🤣 My question is valid 100%, no surprises I get deflection and insult as an answer. Miss big bad troll hunter 🤣😂

        2. Well, Monica is smart enough to manipulate, lie to and radicalise people in her desperate quest for attention and money. God, if there’s one thing Monica loves, it’s other people’s money.

          But she’s not smart enough to have the SLIGHTEST idea of what she’s doing. She puts 3 seconds of foresight into any decision, and just hopes her followers are too distracted (by the tornado of fear-mongering bullshit that conspiracy theorists constantly peddle, to keep their followers off-balance) to notice.

          She also has the grammar and English skills of a ten-year-old, but that’s a separate issue.

          What has she achieved? Aside from scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars out of her gullible followers, and getting arrested by the side of the road … what exactly *has* she achieved? Can you let me know?

      2. You are correct, I can’t handle it.

        I love RDA, and every psychotic thing they stand for.

        I even have a full sized cardboard cutout of Craig Kelly taking up my double garage.

    1. Oh, sweety. I just wanted to let you know that this part — “Our candidate is awesome” — was the point when I stopped paying attention to that.

      You’re UAP. I don’t know who your candidate is, but he/she is either (a) an incompetent politician who’s barely fit for public office, or (b) an attention-seeking anti-vaxxing conspiracy theorist on an ego trip who wasn’t getting enough attention posting worthless shit on Instagram so decided that getting 2% of the vote in an election was the next step in their endless quest for attention and validation.

      And I’m betting it’s (b).

  4. Some where along the line these past 2+ years, I was informed that if you follow the ABN trail, you will find that most of our so called GOVT entities are corporations as they all have ABNs. So we have not govt. We are in a lawless land. But getting back to the ‘family tree’ of ABNs, apparently the Labor Party and Liberal Party are apparently owned by the same ABN. So therefore they are incapable of the serving the people but are obliged to obey their corporate boss. And the PM vowed to serve the Queen of Australia, which apparently is another corporation and apparently the “Commonwealth of Australia” is owned by a corporation in Washington DC, so we have no govt except corruption. Now a new wave of concern is blowing in the wind this week that there is “”NO STATE GOVERNOR’S Writ for you to Vote for the Senate Candidates! “” which means more faux govt activity and processes. ????Fraudulent federal election anyway???? Will the real PUPPETEER of Australia please stand up? So we can cancel you – like the main stream media cancels all truth. And we can get our nation back on tract without the evil corporate conniving cultish characters.

  5. There is a need for the newcomers to the Aus political scene to consider some history. It goes back until the early 90’s First came Australia First, and then followed One Nation. Both were/are nationalistic to a degree, and were branded by the MSM and Academia as far right, and racist. Really??; their objectives then were no different than now, and are in general being repeated by many who just took part in the Senate debate.
    So, when One Nation took off, it set the cat among the pigeons as it were. They won as I recall more than 20 State seats in Qld., and had some Federal influence. As a party, it posed a major threat to the conservative side of politics. So much a threat, Pauline ended up doing time to remove her from the scene. Abbott put some effort into that.
    With some up and downs, Pauline has battled on; there have been a few that have rocked the boat for her, as well as there having been some good support.
    We have another hot debate facing society. Pauline has been upfront in her response, right from the start. Because of his controversial relationship in the Liberal Party, and the fact that he was in the House of Reps where the media most focuses, Craig Kelly got a lot of air time, especially on Fox. He was a lose canon, and so taken under the wings of Palmer. His opinions on Energy and Covid differed little from Pauline. He was the media favourite though.
    What we have now is an unhappy and unsettled electorate. Nearly 1/3 of the voters want change. Thing is though, I put it that those voters can be categorized. They are not rusted on supporters of the established parties. For them, Independents as such have limited potential, the Lib Dems don’t cut it, and so it distills down to UAP or One Nation. Palmer is now doing an Abbott. He sees it to be in his best interests to restrict the potential of One Nation where possible of disrupting the existing blue side of politics. If one can’t see that by looking at how he is having his vote cards set up, then just brace yourself for more of the same.

      1. Opinion only:
        The composition of the “category”
        The “Brand” both in name and composition
        The concept – Freedom and Free Markets

  6. It’s terrible with lovers fall out.

    Clearly, Mon mon, clearly you, Morgs and your sugar daddy Clive (I don’t blame you for that. Clive’s always good at financially taking-care of other people. Just ask QLD Nickel) were all in a happy, tri-nogomous relationship — and now you’re all suddenly upset with each other?

    It’s almost like putting 3 narcissistic, ignorant, hysterical, attention-seeking and self-obsessed liars in a room together was a bad idea! Who would’ve guessed?

    Certainly not me.

    After all, I wet my pants every day in desperate terror of evil clouds.

    God, the Freedom Movement is so awesome, aren’t we?

    1. AUSTRALIANS > To save ourselves and our Democratic Rights and freedoms NEVER vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER AGAIN or we are totally doomed to  Tyranny/Totalitarian Governments forever.

      UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY How to Vote Cards >  NO TO Liberal National Labor and Greens

      Palmer released from all claims
      Queensland Nickel saga over after bombshell revelations
      06 AUG 2019

  7. We literally are in the fight of our lives for our lives against the most vile and heinous Tyranny and if Liberal National Labor and Greens get back in we are all finished ! and forever doomed to State and Federal tyranny/Totalitarianism.
    Turning on the each other / Parties who are ALL our only hope for Freedoms, is absolutely distressing and playing into the hands of the Tyrants.
    Please don’t do this to us all – we are all desperate for the tyranny to stop and to regain our civil rights, medical rights, human rights, choices and freedoms and our Democracy and get our Free Lives and Free Country back.
    Infighting will destroy everything.
    UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY How to Vote Cards >  NO TO Liberal National Labor and Greens

  8. Oh Babe, remember the time on the bus, it was so lovely! I told you to be on top, not to be on the bottom.

    I see that Daddy Clive lied to you. Wasn’t unexpected – but hey, glad you took the money and run when you did! Grift, Grift and Grift!

    1. USTRALIANS > To save ourselves and our Democratic Rights and freedoms NEVER vote for Liberal National Labor or Greens EVER AGAIN or we are totally doomed to  Tyranny/Totalitarian Governments forever.

      UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY How to Vote Cards >  NO TO Liberal National Labor and Greens

      Palmer released from all claims
      Queensland Nickel saga over after bombshell revelations
      06 AUG 2019

  9. UAP is just a party that exists to ensure labor won’t get in; protecting clive palmers mining interests by funneling votes in to LNP… to think otherwise is absurd 🙂


    ELECTION 2022

    LINK: Be warned: The World Health Organization’s “Pandemic Treaty” will destroy all remaining freedoms and unleash a global MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP


    ie. the main DRIVER of ‘where we now stand’ with all the tyranny, mandates, is DIRECTLY due to the WHO & WEF (UN) CoVid agenda – remember this when you vote.

    NB. Please acknowledge that this extensive effort to collate information is independent research, and unpaid work, not affiliated with any political party.

    1. Those of us that trust him, and our own candidate, won’t be shaken. Craig Kelly has been on our side for too long for me to jump ship now. 

      1. Ditto. And it is shameful that he is now attacked from what should be “his/our” side, and quite maliciously. Here is a commentary from a reader on Craig Kelly’s telegram chanel:

        “At Saturdays freedom rally, a friend of mine who is an evidence based researcher spoke to a lead senate candidate for UAP about concerns on UAPs preferences.
        “He explained very well how politics and finalising preferences is real hard ball in Australia. Most voters do not appreciate this, or how it actually works. Both Liberal and Labor threatened UAP with preferencing each other first. This tells you how scared they are of the threat from the freedom friendly parties, including UAP and One Nation. If they actually did this AND VOTERS FOLLOWED THEIR RECOMMENDATIONS, it would effectively eliminate the freedom friendlies from the race. The result would be zero freedom friendly candidates elected! Its that serious a threat. Labor has put Liberal second in much of WA and Qld! This is the duopoly telling any threatening party, ‘We can lock you out of the sandpit’.

        So, freedom friendly minor parties have needed to assess which seats they ACTUALLY have a shot at winning, and do a bit of ‘horse trading’ on preferences, to ensure they have a real authentic chance at winning a particular seat.

        My advice is not to sweat about this, its not important. The voting laws are such that YOU choose who to preference, and HTV cards are only a guide. My assessment is that Craig Kelly and UAP are solid as a rock. I hope that those supporting freedom candidates, will just vote all freedom friendlies according to their conscience, then majors last. I hope this helps clarify the situation a little.

        Lets hope UAP continues to get the support they deserve. Being vilified, lied about and ignored, as Craig Kelly has experienced, is a heavy burden to bear. The elites hate it when someone calls their bluff by exposing a topic they’d prefer to keep in the dark. It takes a special kind of courage to keep going in the face of this. My vote goes to Craig. I had a meeting with him recently and was impressed with his heart of a lion and brilliant grasp on the battle for this country’s freedom.”

  11. I will respectfully ask if you would PLEASE completely REMOVE this article particularly in view of the appalling state our very courageous Freedom Parties are in and the very disturbing reports about the AEC and the Federal Election.
    Freedom Parties united in absolute solidarity movement MUST move forward with absolute Unity.