Open Letter from Monica Smit to Dominic Perrottet

Monica wrote this article for LIFESITE NEWS.

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Before I explain what is happening with Dominic Perrottet, the premier of New South Wales, I want to send a message to him through this article. Hopefully he gets it. If you know Dom, please forward this article to him.

A message from Monica Smit to Dominic Perrottet…

Please Dom, consider this…do you want your children growing up in a country that controls their every move, thought and medical decision? Do you want to face God on judgement day and explain why you didn’t have the courage of conviction to stand up for your faith and protect your family? Do you have an explanation for why you didn’t use your position of power to influence positive change? It’s not too late. You still have time. We will make sure you go down in history as a hero of the people if you stand up now. You have the power, with God on your side, to change the course of history in our beautiful country. Don’t waste this opportunity. We anxiously await and pray for you to do what is right…not just for me, but for yourself, your family and your country.

I have access to several world renowned experts in the medical field who would be happy to meet with you via zoom, no one needs to know. You can still use the line…”we’re listening to the experts”…all you need to do is CHANGE who the experts are.

You can contact me at I won’t tell anyone, it can be our secret. I would support you in any way I can, just reach out whenever you’re ready.”

(LifeSiteNews) — Simply professing to be a person of principles does not make you one. Dominic Perrottet has publicly professed his Catholic identity. In 2020 he said that having a Christian faith is “part of who I am and inspires me to make a difference wherever I go.”

Yet for those who hoped this meant he would take a different approach to the COVID brainwashing that is damaging Australia’s institutions, its laws, and its basic sense of fairness – the so-called ‘fair go’ – Perrottet has been a thorough disappointment. He immediately announced that he would not free the state from COVID-19 restrictions until 80% of residents accept two of the experimental COVID-19 jabs. 

Workers in some industries are required to have a COVID-19 vaccination to go to work, forced to choose between their health and their livelihood. Perrottet is pushing rapid antigen tests, whose reliability is even worse than the discredited PCR test, on schoolchildren. Mask wearing will be mandatory for teachers and secondary students and highly recommended for pupils in Year 3 and above in primary school. In other words, It is the same absurd playbook.

So far, he has done at least one notable push in the right direction, he abolished the medical discrimination for dining, shopping and so forth. It’s really quite a shock that here in Australia, we get exciting when an apartheid stops momentarily, how our country has fallen. New South Wales was very hopeful this would be sign of more freedoms to come, but that dream has not come true. Some say he is ‘playing the game’ to slowly bring back our God-given rights without his colleagues knowing, some of us are still hopeful this is true. He has young children and is a decent family man according to our sources, we were hoping the roll out of a vaccine for 5-year-olds that is unapproved might have been his tipping point, but we were wrong. I even attempted to get him private meetings with world renowned experts in this field, but was unsuccessful.

Virtue requires moral clarity and an understanding of basic logic. Does Perrottet have either? His manic push to get the population vaccinated, along with his tyrannical colleagues, as the only way to escape the alleged ravages of the pandemic makes no sense at all. For one thing, the vaccinations obviously do not work. Why else would you need a booster after three months? And if they don’t work, why are they still considered the only solution? 

Many other questions remain unanswered. For most of the first half of 2021, there was only one serious or critical case of COVID in the entire country. But state premiers shouted that we had a pandemic and the only way out was to jab everyone. Yet after much of the nation has been inoculated there are over 400 serious or critical cases (although no distinction is drawn between just having tested positive for COVID and being sick with COVID). What happened?

It gets worse. Not only are the vaccines – which are not vaccines at all according to the Federal government’s own definition – not tested properly for safety, it is no longer even being claimed that they ‘prevent the spread’ of infection. Yet Perrottet is still aggressively pushing them, even for children. If, as is inevitable, some children, who are at no risk from the disease, die from the jabs then that constitutes governmental homicide, and a very serious visit to the confessional for Perrottet. He may be a good man at heart, but I fear his harsh judgement is inevitable if he doesn’t amend his ways, soon!

Perrottet’s pushing of the dodgy tests will continue the absurdity whereby a “case” – that is, testing positive – will be treated as someone being sick. This is false. According to the worldometer’s latest statistics, the proportion of people who test positive and are seriously ill is so negligible it is statistically close to zero. Australia has a pandemic of testing, and Perrottet has done nothing to reverse the nonsense. Instead, he is doubling down.

To see the lack of moral consistency one need only compare Perrottet’s previous  statements on Facebook with his current policies. He supported free choice: “standing up for free speech”, understanding the importance of adhering to “the values they hold dear” and the need to oppose “elites”. Yet he is happy for his government to coerce people into taking an unproven medical procedure and to continue the medical apartheid.

Such moral failure stems from a wrong conception of the human being. The Catholic position, to which Perrottet says he subscribes, emphasises the importance of putting the whole person at the centre of any moral claim, arguing that the failure to do so inevitably results in unjustice. Perrottet is only considering one aspect of the person: their physical health. Trivial matters like the freedom to make choices about one’s own medical treatment, freedom of movement, the right to work without coercion, and the right to privacy are all pushed aside. If he did get lessons in Catholic social teaching, he can’t have been paying much attention.

To understand the different ways that Australian state governments have assaulted the rights of their citizens, it is instructive to compare Perrottet with the Victorian premier Daniel Andrews. Andrews is a bully. He comes across as the power-mad monster he is. He has aggressively attacked those who don’t comply with his edicts, locked out the unvaxxed, and repeatedly issued threats to the disobedient in press conferences.

Perrottet is milder. He does not aggressively attack the non-compliant. Instead he is sentimental, presenting himself as a person just trying to protect the safety of the community. He probably even means it. But it makes him a more effective transmitter of the mass formation of the Australian population, the hypnotising of an entire community. Does he know the damage he’s causing? Maybe not. As Australia descends ever deeper into collective lunacy, we are hopeful but realistic to not expect any clarity or sanity to come from the New South Wales premier.

I still hold hope that God can intercede and inspire Perrottet to repent and change his course of action…let’s all pray for him to be strong, stand up, and do what is right for himself, his family and our country. Imagine if he woke up one day and said…’that’s enough, New South Wales is not buying into the madness anymore’. He could change the course of history in my beautiful country. If one state did this, the others would be forced to consider following suit.

I have full trust in God that he has the power to inspire Dominic Perrottet. God, please do it soon!


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  1. Like all freedom lovers and patriots, I started out with high hopes for Perrottet. Sadly, as the article makes clear, he is a profound disappointment. He should show more courage, but I do put a lot of the blame on the MSM and his stupid Ministers, notably Hazzard, for his plight.

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