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Whoever is behind this ‘malicious prosecution’ should be ashamed of themselves! Putting an innocent girl like me through this is pure EVIL and your conscience will remind you of this for years to come. I don’t care whose orders you’re following or how big your paycheck is…you disgust me and millions of people around the world who are watching this unfold.  

You are participating in a ridiculous fishing expedition trying to criminalise human rights activism and scare people into submission. You are inadvertently trying to set precedents that will not only ruin your own freedom and prosperity but also your children’s and grandchildren’s. You are part of the problem in this country because you are willing to put someone like me under the bus for your own selfish gain. You will be remembered as a soulless, selfish…. coward. Whereas people like me, and those who support me, will be remembered for standing up against tyranny and holding our ground even when the odds were against us.

We can sleep peacefully at night; I wonder if you can.

You have already spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s money trying to corner me into submission. You are prosecuting a woman with no criminal record who has given up the last two years of her life fighting for YOUR rights and the rights of your fellow Australians.

You have used so many resources trying to break people like me, midnight visits to my family home, surveillance, legal costs, administration, and more. If only you spent this much time on pedophiles, family violence, and child abuse…cases that actually prevent people from being harmed. Instead, you’re using your skills and resources to do the bidding of the government and help them squash political opposition. How proud you must be!

You might think that it’s not your fault, or it’s just your job so there won’t be any ramifications, you’re wrong! Your conscience will never forget, Karma and God won’t either.

RDA has thousands of local supporters and many international ones. They are all following this story in disgust…not at me, but at YOU! Every legal practitioner I’ve spoken to says they’re sickened by the waste of police and government resources and that I’m being treated worse than some murderers and rapists they’ve represented.

Whether I get justice, or God does it on my behalf…you can never run away from your evil ways. You could, however, make amends and choose to stop. You could refuse to continue the case, you could drop the charges, you could save yourselves the embarrassment and walk away. Your names are written on all the court documents and paperwork, everyone knows who you are and what you’ve done. We’ve all been let down by people like you, people who are meant to serve and protect us.

Our expectations of people in your position are at an all-time low, and that’s YOUR fault. It’s YOUR fault for following bad orders. It’s YOUR fault for putting on that uniform and allowing yourselves to be used as a political arm of the government. You have no one else to blame but yourself.

Imagine joining the police force, or legal profession, with the intention to serve and protect the people, but instead, you’re prosecuting an innocent activist because the government told you to. It must be quite humiliating. I don’t envy your position.

Is it worth selling your soul for a paycheck?

This case will come and go, I will move on from this, but your soul will always be stained.

If I don’t comply with your warrant, it’s ANOTHER criminal charge for me. It’s a whole new court proceeding and it’s a more serious crime than the original charge that you’re trying to get more evidence for.

If I plead guilty to the original charge, I would pay a $21,000 fine and it would be over. I’ve already spent 22 days in prison and now I’m fighting for the data privacy of my database. All of this because I allegedly encouraged people to exercise their human right to gather and protest. Read that paragraph again and let it sink in! Do you want to live in a country where protesting is a criminal offense? If you do, you’re doing the right thing by prosecuting me. If you don’t, then you should stop!

If I don’t comply with the warrant, it’s a breach of bail and could land me back in prison for months or longer. The charge of not complying also carries a maximum of 5 years prison time. Let me remind you again, my original charge only carries a fine…no prison time at all.

You want to push me until I break, don’t you? You want to make an example out of me, don’t you?

I have news for you. I also want to make an example out of you, and I have the support of the people to do it. I have a gift from God that gives me emotional fortitude and faith that everything will work itself out eventually.

I am doing this because I know it’s the right thing to do, can you say the same?

Do you think you’re protecting society by prosecuting me?

Do you think silencing me will help your fellow Australians and children in the future?

Will you be proud to set a precedent that human rights activists should be dragged through the courts?

If you’ve sworn to serve and protect the people, do you think doing this to me is fulfilling that oath?

Are you proud of your involvement in this case?

Do you wonder why the organisers of the BLM protest during lockdowns aren’t going through the courts?

Have you figured out that this case is not about justice or the health and safety of society? It’s about silencing political opposition. WAKE UP!

Do you want to be remembered as the people who prosecuted me?

Whether I’m in prison or bankrupt, my blind faith gives me the strength to face Goliath with my slingshot. My faith is stronger than your desire to squash me.

I have a few days to decide my next course of action.

Of course, this is very stressful for me, I’m not a robot after all. I won’t pretend that this is fun for me, however, it is my duty and I take it very seriously. When someone has genuine conviction and purpose, nothing can stop them. Sure, there are hurdles and stop signs along the way, but eventually good always prevails. So, whatever happens, I will be at peace and will fight till the very end with whatever resources I have.

With God and the people on my side, I will see you in court over and over again until good prevails. Whether you win this battle or not makes no difference to the fact that you’ll be the one with egg on your face. You’ll be the one who maliciously prosecuted an innocent woman trying to stand up for the rights of our fellow Australians. You’ll be the one left having to explain to yourself and others why you abused the legal and criminal system to attack a woman like me.

Win or lose…I’m at peace and I pity you.  

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    1. Kimberly Hart you don’t have a soul to sell. You obviously have very low self-esteem. I’m afraid you’ll have to work on yourself. Trying to bring people down to make your own lack of drive and self belief more bearable doesn’t work. You just end up bitter and twisted and trolling on social media. I feel sorry for you.

      1. Yes, it’s hilarious hearing conspiracy theorists — who’ve spent 2 years now screaming blue murder because they’re so terrified to admit that doctors and scientists are smarter than them — lecturing other people on lack of self-belief.

        How fragile are you, that you’re threatened by the idea that a medical degree means something?

        I don’t feel sorry for you because you’re all such fucking awful human beings.

        Hopefully the entire freedom movements gets arrested and we never have to hear from their selfish bullshit ever again. Do you know how happy the rest of us would be if that happened?

        Hint: very happy.

        1. Kimberly Hart if I was fragile I would not still be standing after two years of death threats and trolling by the likes of you. That’s actually what really irritates you, we won’t go away, we won’t break and we look after each other. So you’ll be waiting a long long time. And yes wishing death on people making you very happy is absolutely the sign of a very stable person. Why are you even here?

          1. Lets face it wimp – you are afraid of needles. Stop trying to is macho braveheart shit to cover up the fact that you are a coward

  1. Dear Monica,
    My heart goes out to you. What you have created with RDA is fantastic! It took so much dedication, intestinal fortitude and love of your fellow Australians, of Australia itself – above all, a free Australia to have done what you did and are still doing. For what it’s worth, I’m with you all the way, and I recon there’s thousands of Australians out there that agree with me. Thank you for what you have done. Thank you for giving us hope. Thank you for fighting the fight for us and THANK YOU for continuing the fight. I pray for you every day. Have strength and faith, and know that you have Right on your side. You also have thousands of us on your side. God Bless you.

  2. Innocent Girl? Pull the other one. This is an ego trip for you, designed to raise your profile and generate donations. That’s what this show has always been about. A self-proclaimed journalist and activist is suddenly an “innocent girl”? 🤣 And you keep playing the God card, which is pathetic. God ISN’T on your side.

    1. You dare judge another person’s motives like that? What are your motives for posting what you did – not noble to be sure. We love Monica and what she has done. You can slink back to your hole and live in fear and compliance to your evil overlords.

      1. Hey dipstick. My you sound like a right Pratt. Yes I “do dare” to judge her. Jus like the majority of Victorians did when they DIDNT vote for her or donate to her slush fund. Just like when the Victoria Police charged her. Sorry to point out the facts Princess

        1. AlexJ 

          Keyboard warrior without clue and useful idiot for dictatorship Dan. 

          Wake up fool you’re being played by corrupt politicians and useful idiots like you are their tools to do so! 

          1. Hey wimp. Just face upto the fact that you are afraid of needles. You probably faint regularly. Stop using the “freedom” shit to hide the fact that you are just a gutless waste of space

          2. Really you wouldn’t know the first thing about me moron and trust me you don’t have the first clue as to my past or what I have done.

            Coward that’s pretty rich coming from a troll who sits at a computer or uses a phone to pick on a woman,who stood up to a dictatorship in Victoria.

            Why did you do when your freedom of choice was taken away from you ,oh that’s right submitted like the coward you are and did questions your own rights over your own body.

            You’re the definition of coward and I trust that if needed by the country in times of conflict would run and hide behind real people with real morals.

            People are waking up to puppets likes like yourself ,who are nothing more than useful idiots without a clue of what’s going on around you.

  3. Monica, God bless you.
    The fact that your detractors have now even signed up here to write their drivel comments is proof that they are afraid of your bravery in standing up for what is right and true. I wonder how much they get paid to spend their whole day insulting freedom supporters online?
    Praying for you and for our country and our world.

  4. We love you Monica. Stand strong. I believe God will be with you and strengthen you whatever happens. It is full on spiritual war  right now  and we all are being tested.praying for you.

    1. Grow up. “We love you”? “Spiritual war”? How about you stand on your own two feet instead of sprouting religious crap while worshipping someone who just wants your money. But if you want to donate your life savings, be my guest 🤣🤣

    1. Patricia you are 100% right. I’ve blocked them because as much as I know I shouldn’t bite I struggle to control the urge to fire back when I see good people being attacked.

      1. So many useful idiot that laid down and let the Victorian government walk all over their rights. I don’t understand why these trolls have it in for Monica ,when she has shown bravery in the face of unfair prosecution from so call leaders in government and Victorian police.

        I am disgusted with direction this country is heading and I felt strongly about our freedoms being trampled on. I believed as soldier in the ADF for 30plus years was to uphold our democratic freedoms fight for our families safety and countries democratic values at least that’s what I thought. When people ( useful idiots ) just let government powers increase without question or pushback is just lazy and apathetic .In my opinion these useful idiots are spitting on the memories of everyone that gave their lives in service of our country

        Monica is a true believer and had a voice for democratic values and individual freedoms and Monica respected the sacrifices made by those who went to war to uphold those rights. I joined this organisation because I believed in her fight against this attack on our individual freedoms and rights by those politicians like Andrews ,who doesn’t deserve his position as premier or any forgiveness for his actions as a so called leader.

    2. 🤣🤣 that’s right. You would rather support someone who is being prosecuted for encouraging innocent citizens to break the law – People who don’t even realise they are being manipulated for someone else’s political and financial benefit.

  5. Dear Saint Monica, I’m praying for you to win Tattslotto, or that Clive comes to the party and helps you out. The more miserable the comments from the Swamp Rats on this page means the more terrified the authorities actually are, of you. You are a champion of Righteousness and we all thank you for fighting the good fight, on our behalf. I will donate what I can spare, and I hope others will too. Your support is far and wide, and you have absolutely always been on the right side of history. Stay strong in your darkest hour, and let’s all pray for a miracle. You are going into this case as a hero, and you will come out of it (regardless of the outcome) as an even bigger hero. That filthy despicable Drug Dealer Dan is making you into a hero, and a saint, of the freedom movement, and the fool doesn’t even realise it! The more they try to destroy you, the more you will rise up to your full potential.

    1. “Saint Monica” ? You are exactly the type of vulnerable poor sod that Moronica hopes will be manipulated into handing over your life savings.