Do YOUR MPs care that Australians are DYING?

This is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen and we’ve seen A LOT over the last three years.

Senator Babet tried to establish a committee to investigate our nation’s excess mortality crisis today (23/03/2023)

Antic, Roberts, and Hanson voted YES with Babet

35 opposed

We will not forget this!!!

You have to watch this video, it’s only 12 minutes long.

Here are some important dot points from his video;

  • Imagine if a bowing 737 crashed..surely the government would have something to say then? What if a 737 crashed every 2-3 days for 11 straight months? It’s like 131 planes falling out of the sky!
  • There were 22,886 more deaths in the first 11 months of last year when compared to the historical average.
  • Year on year, the increase in deaths should be around 1%, but now they’re 15%
  • 8,824 of the 22,886 excess deaths were linked to COVID-19, which means we have 14,062 excess deaths unexplained.

If you don’t know about Australia’s excess deaths, visit

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