Over 12 countries will protest on behalf of Australia on 4th Dec

This is a message from Monica to the countries who have committed to demonstrating at an Australian Embassy or Consulate on 4th December.

So far, here is the list – www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/sos

  • Finland
  • UK
  • Holland
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • USA
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • France
  • Ireland
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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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  1. Thank God for our wonderful RDA family and the magnificent friends we have from other countries United with us against obscene Australian government and medical dictatorship.
    I hope more countries will join in solidarity and punish Australian government until all covid crimes actions and mandates are ended.

  2. Global Peace and Restoration Consortium to replace UN?
    Nov. 26, 2021
    An interview in 2020 with Russian Military Intelligence Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov about the purpose of the Covid plandemic.
    The COVID Pandemic plan was revealed early on by Vladimir Kvachkov a Colonel for the GRU, Russian Military Intelligence, who holds a Phd. in Military Science exposed the COVID Pandemic while it still appeared to be a plausible reality for most people.
    In a public interview you can see here, that’s been otherwise scrubbed from the internet he explained the true purpose behind the COVID Pandemic.
    When Colonel Kvachkov was asked what his thoughts were about the Corona Phenomenon, he immediately dismissed it as an actual Pandemic, and went on to explain it from a “Global Powers” perspective. He explained these concepts as an insider within the Military and Intelligence Hierarchy, and an expert in the field of Military strategy.
    In addition to many compelling details he shared, he summarized the core principles by saying,
    “The first is the religious one – destruction of people on Earth, reducing the population numbers. The second one is to establish political control over humanity. The third one is the financial deflation of that gigantic financial bubble. And the fourth dimension is the elimination of their geo-economic competition. This I’m telling you from the perspective of an officer from the Defense and Strategic Studies of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. This is my assessment of the current epidemic.”
    These statements were made in a public interview on March 25th, 2020, early on in the staged pandemic that has since become an all consuming mission to lock down the world with unlawful mandates, force tracking through vaccinations, and lock out the non-compliant from existing in society.