Overwhelming support for RDA joining UAP

We would like to reiterate our gratitude for your support of this announcement.

With UAP in the driver’s seat and every single one of you by our side, we will restore our country’s God-given rights and freedoms. We will not rest until we are all free!

See the full press release and interview with Craig Kelly here



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  1. Absolutely well done Monica and RDA. My heart and loyalty is foremost with you. However I have wished and wished that all these Independent parties fighting for the same thing, FREEDOM! could come together and my wish has come true. Now we are truly unstoppable. My faith and hope when joining RDA is justified xo

  2. Smart move. As much as I wanted to see RDA party succeed, it makes sense to lean on those who’ve got years of experience and the finances behind them. Death to Labor and Liberal parties!

  3. I just joined RDA after a few months of silent support. RDA made a very smart decision to join UAP – I am considering becoming a member myself to defeat the duopoly.
    All patriotic movements must unite to give a voice to the silent majority. One Nation is worthy of respect and support as well. Personal differences and status/loss of probably prevent more formal affiliations, but I hope at least a solid exchange of preferences must be in order to ensure the duopoly who betrayed their constituencies no longer dictate to the nation.
    We must pull out of Paris/Glasgow, we must stop the global reset and the servitude to Big Brother socially, economically and politically – and we cannot rely on LibLab to oppose it.

  4. Excellent move, congratulations.
    The only way to beat this tyranny is for all like minded small parties to join forces. REMEMBER: Politics is the game of numbers and the art of compromise.

  5. I have some real concerns about this move RDA. The RDA is gaining traction. I do not support mining and business destroying the land for profit. Animal welfare compromised. I believe in RDA organisation mission statements. I am really dis

  6. tried to sign up this morning to UAP Monica but could,nt get past the bloody date of birth hurdle, can you get some one to make it simple enough for a WA hick to use

    1. LOL! Yep it is as awkward as awkward gets! You have to click on the month and year at the top of the box and it will magically work.

  7. Please check out the following website for crucial legal information:
    It is well worth your time I reckon.

  8. Yeah! God yeah, Damn Monica, you and your amazing team are kicking every goal possible, proud to be a part of the world movement yall have created. Onwards and forwards, shining so bright, haha, yeah. This is gonna get so fun soon, once we’re past the fighting part and onto building abundance, woot woot. 

  9. Well done Monica. My loyalty is with RDA, but smaller parties joining together, is the only way to get political traction. Just joined UAP, even though I do not support many of their positions. Our crowd needs unity to get rid of this 2-tired society and illegal mandates.