Paid leave for those who take the jab?

Why would a big corporation with hundreds of employees make a new policy for those who’ve experienced adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine? The only logical reason is that it’s happening so frequently, they had to address it.

Too bad for those who don’t take the jab and want 2-days paid leave…

I have seen this email myself, I will nto exposing the compnay as requested by the person who shared this with me.

Email –

“For your information, as of last week, staff who experience an adverse reaction (AEFI)to their covid vaccine may be eligible for paid special leave.
You will need a medical certificate stating the reason is AEFI to covid vaccine and date of vaccine.
Capped at 2 days max for 2021
For those retrospectively who took personal leave due to being unwell from covid vacc:
Stat dec – including took personal leave, date of vaccine and unwell as a result of AEFI.
Please let me know if you have any queries”

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  1. My friends wife died last night. 5 days after taking 2nd astrazenica shot.
    She was late 50s with dementia. She should not have been given it in first place.
    I don’t see them much , but very sad.