Paralympians forced to take the COVID vaccine, Olympians aren’t…is this discrimination?

“I am devastated that it’s not a choice for us, but it is a choice for the Olympians.” – an Australian Paralympian shares their distress at being mandated to have a COVID vaccine or be barred from competing.

Imagine training for over 10 years to reach your dream of going to the Olympics. Being rewarded for all the sacrifices and hard work, reaching a goal people dream of…and having that shattered in a single moment for not consenting to having a vaccine.

This is exactly what has happened to one of Australia’s Paralympians. Beating all the odds to compete on the Paralympic stage against the best in the world, this athlete has now been told if they want to represent Paralympics Australia in Tokyo 2021, they MUST have the COVID vaccine . No jab – no play.

Whilst a gross breach of human rights to mandate a vaccination, and a violation of the direction in this country that they are not mandatory, these athletes are also far from being considered at risk given the peak shape of their bodies and minds. What possible reason could there be to impose such a rule? More importantly, why is this rule only being imposed on Paralympians? Able-bodied athletes are not subject to the same restriction, and the Australian Olympic Commission has confirmed their Olympic athletes will be competing with or without the vaccine . It is voluntary for them.

Isn’t that discrimination? Treating a person with a disability different to a person without?

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 clearly states that direct disability discrimination has taken place “…if, because of the disability, the discriminator treats, or proposes to treat, the aggrieved person less favourably than the discriminator would treat a person without the disability in circumstances that are not materially different.” So, an able-bodied athlete going to Tokyo in 2021 to compete for their country is NOT mandated to have a vaccine; yet an athlete who is disabled IS. It’s black and white.

Instead of “promoting the Paralympic movement in Australia” and helping “Australians with disabilities participate in sport and compete at the Paralympic Games”, Paralympics Australia are shattering their athletes’ dreams and treating them differently than their able-bodied counterparts are.

“My body is just as healthy as the next and I don’t want to take my chances with this vaccine yet while it’s still in experimental phase. I want a choice around what goes into my body and want a choice on what risks I’m willing to take”, the athlete said.

“…when Paralympics Australia came out that to attend or essentially get on the plane and represent Paralympics Australia it will be a requirement to be vaccinated it has almost destroyed me and my mental health and the past few weeks has taken a toll. I am devastated that it’s not a choice for us but is a choice for the Olympians.”

Quoted by lawyer, Rob Grearly
“It’s unlawful to mandate a vaccine for healthy people, the risk of side effects from the vaccine is greater than the risk of complications from coronavirus. It is unlawful (breach of human rights conventions etc) to require someone to take this kind of risk.”

Why would a healthy person need a vaccine against something that is highly unlikely to cause considerable distress in the first place? For healthy people, the risk of side effects from the vaccine is far greater than the risk of complications from COVID. Consider the facts that:
• none of these vaccines have final approval;
• the long-term effects, particularly on fertility and pregnancy are unknown, because nobody has tested this type of “vaccine” on humans – ever;
• there are numerous documented reports of serious side effects from the vaccines, and it is too early to definitively determine what caused those side effects; and
• the vaccines do not even stop you from getting or spreading the virus.

It is unlawful to require someone to take this kind of risk, and the decision to mandate vaccines for these athlete’s is having more effects mentally and physically than forgoing a vaccination ever could. To force this athlete into even having to consider throwing away 10 years of training, hard work, sacrifice, and dreams for them to protect their health against an experimental vaccine and exercise their right to consent is completely unethical, unjust, and cruel. It violates human rights, disability rights, and basic Australian law. The COVID vaccine is supposed to be “voluntary and free” and “providing informed consent is required before getting each dose of the COVID-19 vaccine” . To give someone a ‘choice’ to either take an experimental vaccination or give up their lifelong work is NOT a choice – it’s coercion.

Who is holding this organisation to account? This writer is embarrassed to be an Australian right now, and to say that this situation is a disgrace is a world-class understatement. Step up Paralympics Australia and respect the rights of your athletes. The rights of your fellow men and women. The rights of Australian’s.

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  1. Sorry, but my immediate reaction to this article was the treatment of the vulnerable in Nazi Germany. We need to wake up and face the reality that the stated Global Agenda includes de-population. This is the deeper, and more sinister issue, than this otherwise disgusting treatment of our gifted Paralympians.