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SKIP Safe Kids Informed Parents is putting all Victorian schools on notice! We want to send our kids to school with peace of mind that they are not coerced into masking or jabbing. Governments have put schools in a conflicted position by insisting they enforce these rules. Yet the schools duty of care stands and should something go wrong they could be sued.

SKIP has started a crowdfunding campaign to stop schools implementing mandates affecting our children’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Please find more details and donate what you can here:

To say the last two years have been ‘stressful for parents’ is a huge understatement. Between home-schooling and restrictions on seeing family and friends, sports and arts activities cancelled, and playground closures – it’s been a constant battle to manage our own mental state and the wellbeing of our children.

Now, as our kids return to school in Victoria, we are faced with a new set of challenges. The very confronting reality of mask mandates for children and the continual push to administer unnecessary medical procedures to the youngest members of our community. This is despite the fact children have been shown to be the least at risk* from C19.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Safe Kids Informed Parents Inc is a group of concerned parents standing up by the motto “Our kids. Our choice”. Our aim is to bring parents together so they can collectively voice their genuine concerns without fear or intimidation. We value schools as parents’ trusted partner ensuring a nurturing environment for our children’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

The government’s unprecedented emergency powers have put schools in an extremely conflicted position, and we will seek to urge every school to be proactive in avoiding liability by pushing back against mask and unnecessary medical procedures mandates in schools.Safe Kids Informed Parents Inc is supporting parents by establishing a Parents Legal Fund. The money raised through this campaign will be used to:

  1. Action a pre-emptive campaign that will put every school in Victoria on notice, advising that the Government’s emergency directives do not abrogate the schools’ duty of care to protect their students from physical, mental and emotional harm.
  2. Assist parents with potential legal action or class action in the event that any child suffers harm as a result of a school enforcing mask mandates or coercing / facilitating medical procedures.

You can join us

Your donation is initially supporting the printing and postage of a legal notice and comprehensive information pack that will reach all 2300 schools (government and non-government) in Victoria. Additional funds will be held in trust to support future campaigns and legal action should it be required.

Please contribute whatever you can and consider covering the admin costs with your donation – every little bit helps! Visit our website to find out more about what we are doing to help inform parents and keep kids safe, and how you can use our bulletins to apply pressure to your elected representatives.

* Australia-wide there have been 44,858 positive tests of Covid-19 in people aged 0-19. Those nearly 45,000 positive tests have resulted in 2 deaths – a 99.996% survival rate. To break it down further, the 0-9 age group has a 100% survival rate based on the 20,859 positive tests to date. [Unfortunately, these children had serious pre-existing conditions.] Source as of 28/10/2021

Calling ALL parents – Education United

We need you to work from behind the scenes and create a presence in the community. Parents and citizens (P&Cs) play a large role in the running and operation of schools in QLD.

According to the P&C website, parents and citizens have a responsibility to “protect people from having medical treatment or experiments performed on them without their full and informed consent.” (Queensland’s Human Rights Act 2019).

Please share this flyer and become active as part of the parent community. Raise awareness at your local P&C meetings and don’t be afraid to call your school and let them know of your concerns! We know that ultimately, it’s the children that are going to miss out.

Don’t forget RDA has put together flyers available for distribution in your local area to help raise awareness!

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  1. As I have said before, leave the children alone, let them do what they do best, just being children.
    Instead of leaving Victoria, why don’t we all stand
    up and fight to get our Victoria back without all
    of the corruption and evil.

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