Minor, Freedom-friendly Parties Unite Against the Majors

More than 50 candidates from seven minor political parties united in solidarity at Treasury Gardens last Saturday (March 12) to share their freedom-friendly, anti-duopoly policies with the public in the lead-up to the May federal election.

Event organiser and United Australia Party candidate for Aston, Rebekah Spelman, said all candidates shared one powerful message; if Australians want an end to the two-party duopoly, put the major parties last on their vote card.

“So many voters – about 30 per cent actually – feel utterly powerless and broken after the government’s treatment of us these past two years.

“But many people don’t realise that by putting the majors last on their voting cards, they have the power to end this two-party duopoly and take control back. The numbers are there. This is actually do-able.”

The candidates present, representing the Liberal Democrats, Great Australia Party, United Australia Party, Australia First, One Nation, Australia One and independent senate candidate Morgan Jonas, were also in complete agreement on anti-lockdown, anti-mandate and government-accountability policies. 

“We have been living under tyrannical, oppressive governments – state and federal – for two years; you cannot treat people this way and not expect a fight. And boy, are they in for a fight!” she added.

Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) founder Monica Smit, who was also present, said RDA was about to launch a nation-wide public education campaign to empower voters in the lead-up to the federal election. 

“RDA is not aligned with any party; we are just pro-democracy, so are super excited and totally supportive of these minor, freedom-friendly parties joining forces. 

“They are a potent force for change, and with RDA’s resources including more than 100,000 members nation-wide, we have the capacity to reach out to the public and make a serious impact on the voting patterns of millions of Australians.”

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  1. It was great to meet and talk to the candidates and know that we have a group of very able and competent people who are working together to get rid of corruption that is rife in our current system.
    Thanks Monica and RDA for all you are doing and fantastic that Morgan is now an independent. Supporting you guys.