Australian Freedom Fighters Unite – 10 key objectives we can all agree on

RDA has put together a list of key objectives that any freedom-loving Australian would likely agree with. Signing your name to this will help unite the freedom fighters and broader community under a shared set of goals.

RDA will also be giving all candidates in the federal election an opportunity to sign these key objectives and will publish who has, or hasn’t, signed it. This will help you know who to vote for. 

With your help and support, together we will advocate to;


1.     Permanently eliminate pandemic emergency powers and COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

2.     Establish an Australian Bill of Rights.

3.     Establish an independent media oversight body.

4.     Restrict digital surveillance (example: digital ID system).

5.     Cut ties with international, intergovernmental, anti-democratic bodies that jeopardise our sovereignty such as ‘strong cities network’ and World Health Organisation (WHO).

6.     Open an investigation into the suppression order from the Wood/s Royal Commission (1995 – 1997).

7.     Start legal proceedings into the handling of the authorities’ Covid-pandemic response (with prosecutions if warranted).

8.     Revive Australian manufacturing.

9.     Investigate AHPRA and either repeal or replace them with an independent body of medical professionals who are committed to upholding their oath.

10.  Remove all corporate lobby groups from Canberra

Do you agree to these key objectives? Sign below.

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  1. Re the 2nd demand. We need a constitutional convention to Review and Restore our fundamental freedoms and responsibilities, Before any discussion of a bill of rights. We need to know our history before we write new law.

  2. Hi Thanks for your work
    I like to add to the declaration to the Floods crisis hasppening on the Eastern side of Australia from North to South, this needs to be investigated regarding the Artificial Creation of Rain by Chematrials , done by Government and foreign Country ,see what happen in Canberra with the sound and radiation weapons
    We need everyone affected, (business, farmers, Home owners etc) by the floods to create a Group to sue the Govermen and ask for Accountability for this disaster man made

  3. Cease overspending on ABC some 54 local radio stations, 15 radio networks, 4 national networks , 5 national TV channels…plus online and digital services. Who listens to all of these?..with govt. funding from 2016-17 at $861million per year to 2019/20 at $1.06 billion per year. Surely we can direct more $ to necessary essential services instead of non-sensical, lousy, crude, inappropriate programs

  4. Speaking of important things to sign, today March 9 is the last day to sign this important petition to the federal government to end all mandates. It’s unfortunate that, like most of these petitions, they aren’t widely enough advertised in our networks… Perhaps a petition with RDAs 10 points could be put up just a head of the huge March 26 Rally and everyone There could sign it?

  5. I would like to see a specific mention of ‘vaccine passports’ in item 4, as, if they continue to be required, vaccine passport = vaccine mandate.
    And I agree with including the WEF in point 5. Maybe also mention Bill Gates’ ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ and the corruption that it has caused in just about every organisation worldwide.
    Problems with items 3 & 9 are that we don’t know that an ‘independent body’ would behave any differently from those groups already following the mainstream narrative!
    Should item 7 read ‘… investigation into the authorities’ handling of the Covid…’. (a bit of a word shuffle)
    Agree with item 10, but could also be that lobbying can only be held in public hearings between parliamentary sittings, and lobbying outside of that time would be a criminal offence for all concerned.

  6. Mainstream media empires have to be brought to justice for their horrendous actions in suppressing controlling instigating agendas – this is not on by all those against corruption and conflicts of interest.
    No more murdering free speech by social media platforms and their shameful and immoral practice of banning restrictions removal and shutting down social media individuals and groups who go against the totalitarian agendas between global governments and the world economic Forum and the world health organisation and the United nations and globalists etc and their criminal destruction of democracies and their vile lust for totalitarianism.
    NO BLOODY WAY CAN WE allow these tyrannical psychopaths to continue their totalitarian rampages globally and together we can All stop them.
    In the meantime we hereby demand all mandates and all other tyrannical government actions be abolished immediately and forever more.

    1. Agree with all that Diane and since we all seem to be adding our wish list, :), I’d like to see a total ban on all government “advertising”. It didn’t exist until around the mid 70’s and information is a lot easier to access now. It effectively allows governments to bribe media outlets.

      The way I see it they’re taking YOUR money off you and using it to tell YOU what to think. That’s just not a healthy way for a society to go about things.

  7. APHRA need to be dismantled – and NOT reinstated! TGA need to be dismantled and not reinstated. If we change our current 1688 Bill of Rights inherited from Westminster – and make a new one – we will lose our Westminster one. And who will word the Bill of Rights? We need our arms back in the hands of People again! No. 4. Restict surveillance. We need ALL surveillance stopped! Dead! In its tracks! AND never allowed to be reinstated at any time in the far reaching future!! WEF need to be included in the list. WEF are one of the main offenders that are casuign grief around the world at the moment. Also include the UN. It was them that told Kim Beazley that as soon as Australia proclaimed a Republic there would be a Mandate of ownership for all housing, farms and businesses – and now this has come to pass in NSW on 11 Oct 2021! Monica, I know you’re young – but you really need to know the corrupted history of what our politicians have been doing int he past 6 decades!! this list is just not extensive enough to protect us.

  8. In better days all 10 points would be a dream come true. Today they are the end of a nightmare.
    Number 7 … not sure what does “prosecutions if warranted” is meant to be. Not the place to vent my anger here, but heads will have to roll, and many of them. Those in authority have failed miserably, failed in their overall duty of care, lied and manipulated truth knowingly and caused more pain and misery that WWII.
    Prosecution and heavy punishment is one way to stop this overreach of power or else it will happen again and again.