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  1. It’s all the more powerful when you realise this is a respected authority who up to this point was all for the vaccines and spoke of this often on his youtube chanel which had a very large following.

    Will be interesting to see if he is still allowed on you tube.

  2. It never fails to amaze me how gullible some members of the medical fraternity are!
    This good man is a perfect example of someone who should have known better, considering his background in “real” medical science.
    I feel for him because he is clearly rattled probably having taken these poison jabs himself. I wonder for how long this report can be suppressed by the MSM and the governments until the truth of this monstrosity will be officially revealed?!

    1. To me it seems he is shocked by the reality that his followers may have been damaged by trusting his infomation. Most doctors start off wanting to be true healers for people but just get overloaded with work and disillusioned with the fact that most patients demand an instant magic cure. Add to this the fact that both doctors and patients have been brainwashed by the massive propaganda of a huge industry for decades.

      You can see this when the majority are quick to condemn the pharmacetical industry as money hungry villians if a medicine is found to have bad side effects but will defend vaccines to the death.

      I read a book called “This is going to hurt a bit” by a newly qualified doctor in his first job.He was working 14 hr days ,7 days a week and had a 2 hr each way commute. His choice to learn about vaccines would
      have been either to do thousands of hours study of hard to find underground info….. or simply trust the medical authorities.

      To add to this,just like the majority of the public rarely question what the doctor says , doctors rarely question what the medical authority tells them.

      Most don’t realise that the experts the doctors rely on for info,are totally financially dependant on government and medical authority approved research grants.

      This pandemic seems to be waking people up like nothing ever before ( although the majority are still asleep). From the comments you read on youtube videos of MSM news pieces,it is not the minority unvaxxed rebels who are the really angry ones. Serious though the immediate adverse side effects are ,what is going to happen when the long term effects start to hit close to home and the majority realize they have been lied to by those they trusted?

  3. I have just one concern to add to my recent comment.
    This crucial, most revealing and deeply concering Pfizer report seems to be pretty much “ignored”.
    Not surprising with regard to MSM sources of course.
    But I have not heard any comments by the likes of Craig Kelly or Pauline Hanson? I wonder why that is?
    Also, even OUR RDA seems to be silent and yet this should be the single most crucial news to date to potentially wake up the mentally “dormant” individuals in our society.
    There is only so much we can do as individuals! I urge the powers to be at the RDA, please do not let this
    most important opportunity GO TO WASTE!

    1. I agree 100% with that Fred.

      People must be aware that these are the documents the US FDA seen when they authorized the vaccine. No wonder they didn’t want them released for 75 years. This is only the start , They have been ordered to release 10,000 pages per month.

      It was Del Bigtree from “The Highwire” who organized his legal team, the Informed Consent Action Network ( I CA N ) to get it released under the freedom of information act . He has an absolutely brilliant medical lawyer,Arron Siri. Del has interviewed FDA whistle blowers and injured people from the trial on his ” The Highwire” show.

      There is opportunity for a double banger here with the Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroqine saga. To get the original Emergency Use Authorization there had to be no alternatives available. Yet many doctors like Vladamir Zelenco and Simone Gold’s 50 + strong ” Frontline Doctors have sucsessfuly treated up to 7,000 patients each with close to 100% sucsess rate with a combination of Hydroxycloroquine Vitamin D and zinc.

      The medical authorities world wide standard of wait till blood oxygen levels are below 90% then get treated with Remdisavir ,( an expensive drug known to cause organ failure) and get put on a ventilator is almost a death sentence. (But it does keep the narrative going ). In the US ,hospitals receive US $ 13000 for a declared covid patient and US $ 39,000 once a patient is put on a ventilator.

  4. Thank you cs10 and thanks also for your interesting and informed contributions. We are absolutely on the same track. I wish more folk would make an effort considering the fact that our future as free world citizen is truly under threat! We cannot afford to keep our eyes off the ball for one moment!
    As terrible as the happenings in the Ukraine are, we must be aware that this is just another plot by the NWO to keep fearfactors bubbling away. Needless to say but the energy crises has already been announced as well.
    It is to be remembered that Putin has also completed the “Young global leader” course under the evil Klaus Schwab among a great many of the illuminati, including the likes of Ardern and Trudeau. In fact 8 members of the current Canadian government have also completed the six year course which we know is by invitation only!