Phil's Hiking Adventure Challenge

Phil's Hiking Adventure Challenge

My name is Phil from Phil’s Hiking Adventures (PHA). I am a local hiking tour guide based in Melbourne, Victoria. I will be completing an endurance challenge called ‘Everesting’ on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October 2022 in our local Mount Dandenong (VIC) trails on the Glasgow Fire Trail. Everesting is the most difficult climbing challenge in the world requiring you to climb the height of Mt Everest in a single activity.

The idea is fiendishly simple. You pick any hill, anywhere in the world and complete repeats of it until you have climbed 8848m of elevation gain. This is the equivalent height of Mt Everest from sea level to summit. I have chosen to complete the challenge as a hike. The rules of the challenge are:

    • It must be completed as a single continuous activity
    • You cannot sleep
    • There is no time limit
    • You must record the activity via GPS

I will need to do 27 laps (minimum) of the chosen trail and will cover about 54km and by my calculation this should take somewhere between 35 to 40 hours. A single lap consists of a 330m straight ascent in just under 1km distance and then back via the same trail which is a gnarly rocky descent making the night stage extra challenging.

I will be donating all funds raised to Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA), an advocacy group whose mission it is to empower and unite Australians in actively maintaining our individual and collective liberty. I have followed the RDA throughout the extremely difficult period over the last 2 years during Victoria’s lock-down’s and medical mandates and they have been a shining beacon of hope for all those standing for freedom. I want to do something to help this group that has selflessly helped so many Australians and so I stand to represent them in this challenge.

“Your legs need to get you to 6,000m and your head needs to get you the rest of the way” Andy van Bergen

The infamous Everesting ‘death zone’ above 7000m. Exhaustion and lack of sleep will take hold and it is at this time that your mental strength and willpower will be your keys to success.

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Thank you for supporting the work that RDA does. You can support our work further by volunteering with us.