All Health & Wellness in Western Australia

Three Dimensional Healing

Trauma Specialist TRTP facilitator, Reiki Master, Thought Field Therapy (tapping), Vaccine and Vaccine Shedding Clearing Protocol, Inner Child facilitator, Intuitive Listener.

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Tracey Gartner Naturopathy

Helping get healthy and stay healthy through nutrition, lifestyle, natural medicine and mindset. I run wellness retreats for destressing and giving you tools to take

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Sarvaga Light

Helping you be the best you can be. We offer guidance and care through Spiritual Healing, Meditation, Reiki, Reiki Training, Readings, Energy Healing and more.

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Cura Integrative Medicine

Combining ancient wisdom with modern science to help patients be the best they can be. We combine functional medicine testing, naturopath philosophies and integrative medicine

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BioEnergetic Wellness

Based in Perth WA, Kim is an ardent advocate for realising potential through understanding the fields of bioenergetics and magnetic therapies. She has a passion

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Craig Hitchens Therapies

Naturopath – Clinical and Functional Nutrition. Craig Hitchens Therapies offers you professional functional nutrition & bioenergetic wellness programs designed to your individual needs. I have

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