Please SHARE this SURVEY – only 1 day left

There is an important survey that all Australians need to have access to.

It’s the Australian Survey of Reasons for COVID-19 Vaccination.

Answers will be used to document the reasons why Australians chose to get vaccinated, and whether they were under any pressure to do so.

Of course, the government should be doing a survey like this, but so far, it seems, they have not.

Instead, an independent medical media business has taken on the task.

You may have completed a pilot survey posted on this site at the end of last year.

If you did so, thank you! From that pilot survey, an improved version has been created which will enable information to be gathered by state and territory.

There are two political questions which you can skip if you prefer. If you do complete them, the data may show a) whether people are satisfied or dissatisfied with the Federal government’s vaccination campaign and b) it will help clarify how Australians see the role of government.

Please now take the few minutes to complete the new improved survey.

And then please share the survey link among all the people you know – both those who were happy to be vaccinated and those who were not – every Australian’s voice should be heard.

Already there have been 16,000 responses to this survey.

You can help turn that into 60,000 if you share, share, share!

The survey closes at 11:59pm Sydney time, on Friday 25th March, 2022.

Please complete the survey now

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