Police try to CANCEL a freedom day celebration

An event organised generously by Aussie Cossack. A chance to celebrate freedom day in Sydney tomorrow.

It seems the police don’t want people like him, Craig Kelly, and others from meeting together to celebrate life. We’ve all worked so hard for 2 years, they just wanted one night to enjoy themselves…the government won’t allow it.

This is communism 100%, North Korea Style.

UPDATE – there will not be a public event at La Montage. Please disregard that section of the report.

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      1. Sorry to hear that. It’s disgraceful how the Australian government thought/still thinks it’s ok to take people’s livelihoods away because of a choice. And a choice that wouldn’t effect those “pure” vaccinated minions.

  1. oxford dictionary definition of the word Vaccine.
    a substance that is put into the blood and that protects the body from a disease
    Why then are double/tripple vaxed still dying of covid.
    Answer is that this poison is not a vaccine.

  2. This disgusting type of communism will only end folks when we vote out both corrupt major parties. Please put your effort into this end or it will never end.

  3. Hey good NewSouthWelshonians, enjoy what has been grudgingly returned to you, but for goodness sake, do not get complacent NOW!!We are still a long way from FREE. Keep an eye on what is happening overseas, in Britain, Norway, the e.u. in general, and ‘blue’ states in America, because as sure as collingwood or carlton will NOT win the next aflw comp, the collective will be hell-bent on copying the o.s. actions at the slightest, earliest possible opportunity.
    As long as non-vaccine early stage medications are criminally avoided and banned, the c-virus hurdy gurdy will continue to go round and round and up and down.
    The planning and preparations for ‘climate change catastophists’ implementation of tactics and diabolical control of individual and group freedoms and rights as ‘practiced’ under the sludge of c-virus responses, are well and truly advanced. No matter what your own view of the anthropological climate change/great renewables hoax, if you are reading this, then you will NOT accept what these sancti-morons have in store for us.

  4. Today I watched the Freedom Ball, not sure where it was held, but
    it was inside and it was wonderful seeing so many like-minded people
    together. When the police moved in to shut down the Aussie Cossack’s
    Freedom Ball, the Manager? was so apologetic and understood how
    everyone felt. Aussie Cossack decided that if they couldn’t enter the
    premises, they would move it outside and the restaurant would still
    provide the food etc. Did they have a win?? It was definitely held

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