Police still harassing MONICA

Criminal charges have been dropped…BUT THEY WON’T LET ME OFF BAIL!!!

I don’t get angry often, but bloody hell, they need to let this go now!

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  1. Victorian Police have shamed themselves, they are just THUGS doing the work of an evil dictator….yet these so called Police have NO IDEA when the government/political Elites have finished with the people, they will come after them…..Police don’t remember when the Media vilified them in the past
    to get a story out…..YOU ARE JUST PUPPETS in Blue uniforms….

    1. no criminal charge doesn ‘t mean off bail?? does’t make any sense unless we are under dictatorship. Feel really angry for you, Monica.But don’t forget that we r with you!
      cheers and love from Japan😊

  2. The calm in the storm generally becomes a catalyst. Your very well guarded by your fellow soul mates, I know and feel this. Being brave unlocks the connection back to self in a unique way. Max acceleration or haste hehe. I admire your braveness.

  3. Hello Mónica,
    I follow you on instagram & I am surprised to see that Reignite Democracy Australia follows Scott Morrison!
    I am VERY confused right now & have left messages on your instagram account.
    Could you please respond as this as its a privilege to follow & engage with with what you do.
    Could I please give me (us) some clarification as I (we) follow you on various platforms & I have friends that are also interested & are confused = just as I am.
    Thank you & much appreciation
    Kind Regards