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Video emerges of cop throwing man headfirst into the ground in Melbourne

A Melbourne man who had his head smashed into the ground by a police officer was “calling for his mum” when he woke up, a witness says.

Watch the disturbing video and read the full article here

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  1. Welcome home Monica,that bloody mongrel beat me to you, every happiness to you, we love you , you are our hero,our leader,and you probably deserve a day off,enjoy FREEDOM!!!

  2. Coming from behind and throwing an unsuspecting man headfirst into the ground is attempted murder. With evidence of severe trauma by the amount of blood and urine on the ground, why handcuff the unconscious man? This is one of the worst cowardly and despicable acts of evil we’ve seen from people whose duty it is to protect us. The final unforgivable act by this coward was to refuse his victim medical help. I pray for a Nuremberg-style tribunal to hold these scumbags to account. I also pray that the poor victim is ok.

  3. This is criminal behaviour. This man was harming no one. Never turn your back on a copper. Will anything be done about this assault? Who is responsible? Is this treatment from the Commissioner of police “Rules?” Where is the media publicity? As usual, nowhere to be found…

  4. Is this another example of poor police behaviour and misconduct? The video clearly shows that a Victorian police officer approached the man from behind and threw him headfirst to the hard ground. It shows an assault involving the application of force to the victims’s body without lawful justification or excuse with intent to inflict bodily injury, pain, discomfort, damage, insult or deprivation of liberty and resulted in the infliction of any such consequence. What penalty will be applied to the police officer for an offence that carries up to five years imprisonment? What compensation will be provided to the victim?

  5. This is disturbing, this action was akin to a coward punch, which is supposed to bring with it a 10 year jail sentence, should be doubled for a serving police officer, on the footy field that would have been a 6-10 week ban for a sling tackle.
    It was a nasty, premeditated action on the part of the that thug, you wouldn’t call him a police officer based on those actions, then again we are seeing more and more of this from our law enforcement which is being sanctioned by the premier of Victoria, Dictator Dan Andrews. Based on the viciousness of this attack and the rising numbers of attacks on people by the constabulary it is only a matter of time before someone is killed by one of these out of control police officers!!
    Where do we go to from here, this hard, heavy handed approach to shutting down a mostly peaceful protest which was happening in part because of what the police and government are doing!!
    Do we continue protesting? “Absolutely” is what I say and I know many others who agree with my sentiment.
    I have emailed the journalist from to ask that he provide me with the reason that the police gave that an ambulance wasn’t required to attend to that young man who could easily been a tragedy in the making!! So far I haven’t heard back from him which is not surprising given that MSM are the ones that are not reporting on this type of thing happening!!
    Does anybody know who the young man was, do they know how he is, is he okay? I’ve also asked that the journalist who reported on this provide me with any other information he may have as this should also be investigated by IBAC the DPP, as I believe that any internal police investigation will be whitewashed!!
    I also think this should be investigated by Worksafe as it was an incident while the police officer was on duty.
    It was also disturbing to note that an ambulance was called but the police cancelled it on the basis it wasn’t needed?? This is ludicrous, are the police now medical experts?? That young man could easily be suffering with a fractured skull, a brain bleed, bruising on the brain, concussion, any number of problems due to his head hitting the concrete in such a manner??
    There needs to be a full and thorough investigation into this incident with no stone left unturned, the police officer should be stood down and charged with assault? And that is just for starters!!
    Where do we go from here? One thing is for sure, we need to keep protesting, we need to keep posting to social media, we need to keep up the pressure on Dictator Dan, his minions, the police, MSM, etc?? This whole scam is not going to end unless we stand up and keep pushing back to regain our freedoms and get back to our normal lives.